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Europe has put Russian passenger planes in the ‘dangerous’ category

That means it that, The planes of these companies cannot fly over EU territory

Europe The union has listed 21 Russian civil aviation companies as dangerous for flights.

That means it that, The planes of these companies cannot fly over EU territory.

It is stated in the explanation of the decision that, aircraft owners and manufacturers Russia to the technical condition of the aircraft fleet according to are not responsible.

Major Russian airlines, such as Aeroflot, Pobeda, S7, Russia, Utaier, are on the EU’s banned list. and Ural weather The roads were laid by companies.

The list includes Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan and There are also airlines from several other countries.

Europe The commission reminded that, Moscow Russia allowed airlines to use aircraft without proper international certification.

Europe Union Commissioner Adin Velyan said that, such a situation endangers the lives of passengers.

The price of the planes has been reset

Russia Most passenger planes are owned by Western leaseholders and was registered in the Bermuda Islands until March.

After the war in Ukraine, Russia actually confiscated and registered these planes.

For this reason, aircraft maintenance is no longer in Western countries and not carried out by manufacturers.

Former head of Pobeda airline Andrey Kalmykov He said in an interview with Kommersant newspaper that, These planes have completely lost value in the international market:

“The Russian registry actually resets the price of the plane to zero. These planes are serviced by people with unknown certificates on the basis of unknown schemes.

Russian airlines and All flights registered in Russia to Europe have been banned since February.


Azerbaijan news

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