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Ukrainian historians going to war. Russian archives hit

Ukraine power Russia Medvedchuk fled the country after the occupation began. Kipian enlisted in the 112th Territorial Defense Brigade on February 24 to protect Kiev from attack.

Russia Presidents Vladimir Putin Ukraine snowHe justified the war with his dubious historical claims that the latter was not a “real country”. Ukraine historians nowUkraine to destroy their identity ” snowThey fight on the front lines, both literally and figuratively. RFE / RL correspondent Eduard Andryushchenko writes about this.

According to the information released by the Ukrainian military intelligence on March 24 according tooccupying forces Russia books considered “extremist” by the government and confiscate other materials. We are talking about the Maidan revolution in Ukraine, the Russian-backed separatists in the east of the country snowThe war is a study of Ukraine’s war for independence.

“The occupiers have made a list of people they do not want to be named in the book titles,” he said. – wrote the service. The list includes the Cossack leader of the 17th century Ivan MazepaThe leader of Ukraine’s independence Simon Petliuraan far-right nationalist leader who collaborated with the Nazis Stepan Bandera and others have names.

“Until an adequate understanding of what the Soviet government means”

Russia in recent years to cover Soviet-era repression, dictator Joseph Stalin and opposes the naming of security agents who killed millions of Soviet citizens during the rule of others.

The Maidan protests of 2013-14 were supported by Russia Viktor Yanukovychresulted in the overthrow of the presidency. After that, Ukraine opened the Soviet archives, detailing the past information appeared.

“Putin’s talk of de-communism before the occupation shows that Russia is afraid and does not want to reconsider the Soviet path like Ukraine.” – Director of the Security Agency of Ukraine SBU Andrey Kohut he says.

“Until an adequate understanding of what the Soviet government meant in the former Soviet Union, we will be under constant threat from those who want to use historical myths to rebuild the empire.” He added.

“The case of Vasil Stas”

One of the books that Russian forces want to confiscate “The case of Vasil Stas” is about a Ukrainian dissident poet who was persecuted during the Soviet era and whose case has recently been declassified. He died in 1985 in a Soviet prison camp.

This book is a pro-Russian politician Viktor Medvedchuk its author, historian Time Kipiandrew attention after suing. Putin Medvedchuk’s daughter is the godfather, and it was believed that Russia would occupy Ukraine and bring it to the post of leader. It is said in the book that, Medvedchuk, Stas’s lawyer, defended the poet and facilitated his conviction.

Medvedchuk first won the case, and later the appellate court overturned the verdict.

Ukrainian authorities say Medvedchuk fled the country after the Russian occupation. Kipian enlisted in the 112th Territorial Defense Brigade on February 24 to protect Kiev from attack. In the early days of the war, Kipian was involved in the security of his personal archive on the Ukrainian diaspora and Samizdat publications. His collection is larger than the Ukrainian state libraries.

Kipian is just one of the few historians to put aside research. Kyiv Dean of the Faculty of History of the State University Ivan PatrilyakHortitsya national Director General of the historical monument Maxim OstapenkoFormer deputy director of SBU archives Volodymyr Bircak is among them.

Things that anger Putin

Serving in the 105th Territorial Defense Brigade, Birchak shares interesting details from declassified archives on the Telegram channel. At present, the front is reporting on Russia’s military losses in the war.

“We are fighting for what makes Putin angry,” he said. I was dealing with reforms, including de-communication, open archives, toponyms without the names of bloodthirsty communist leaders, and the true history of World War II. – Birchak told RFE / RL’s Ukrainian Service.

March 30, head of Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin In Ukraine, an investigation has been launched into textbooks, ie their “Russia to children and incitement to hatred of the Russian language “,” distortion of history “will be investigated.

In the village of Antonovka in the Kherson region, the Russian occupying forces are Soviet dissidents Vyacheslav Chornovolin memorial destroyed. He played a major role in Ukraine’s secession from the former Soviet Union.

State archives are being destroyed

Russia’s Roskomnadzor media control agency has declared the history of Ukraine’s Rich anti-Soviet movement “extremist” and refused to remove the electronic version. Milli He threatened to block the website of the Academy of Sciences.

Since the beginning of the occupation of Ukrainian officials KharkivMikolayev, say that the buildings of state archives in the cities of Lisichansk were destroyed.

The SBU archive in Chernigov was set on fire, and 12,000 folders of documents about the KGB’s repressions in Ukraine were destroyed. This was stated by the Chief Archivist of Ukraine Anatoly Khromov told Time magazine last month.


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