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Medicine rush in Iran

In Iran, the price of medicines has risen sharply amid plans by the government to cut one of the most important subsidies. Ultra-conservative president Drug prices have more than quadrupled since Ibrahim Raisi announced in September last year that the subsidy would be suspended.

Prices are expected to rise further after the government officially suspends subsidies. This expectation is alarming in Iran and caused anger. Most Iranians are already struggling to make ends meet. Decades of economic sanctions and Poor governance has put the country’s economy in a difficult position.

2018in the past president Hassan Rouhani is a necessity for Iranian producers food and Billions for this purpose by approving a special subsidy for the purchase of medicines dollars had allocated funds. The goal is even Iran national was to be able to control prices, even in the face of currency depreciation. Critics of this policy say that subsidies lead to corruption and inflation snowclaim that he could not get the glass.

However, the abolition of the subsidy could cause Iranian pharmaceutical companies to raise prices. Although local producers meet most of the country’s drug needs, most of the raw materials are imported. Dangerous cancer out of Iran and It also imports most of the drugs needed to treat heart disease.

“Medication is not such a thing that, if you can go without it. Many people will no longer be able to get medicine. They will have to buy medicine just to save their lives. “An Tehran resident, who did not want to be named, told RFE / RL’s Iranian Service (Radio Farda).

Last month, the Iranian parliament voted in favor of suspending the subsidy. Government media reported that, This step was taken by the Prime Minister, who came to power in August last year billion dollars will allow you to save.

However, there is confusion as to whether the government has already cut the subsidy.

Minister of Health Bahram Enullahi said on March 26 that, Iranian producers are already importing raw materials according to dollars does not receive subsidies.

Just a few hours later, the head of the public relations department of the Ministry of Health issued a statement denying Enullahi’s claims. He said that, A final decision on the suspension of the subsidy has not yet been made.

Iran Food and Chairman of the Drug Administration Bahram Darayi He also said on April 3 that the subsidy has not been cut yet.

This is confusion and Against the background of uncertainty, the prices of essential medicines are rising. This has led to rumors that the government has stopped subsidizing without informing the public.

A pharmacist told Ensafnews that some medicines have risen in price by up to 250 percent. “The price change is completely in the middle. That means it that, currency subsidy quietly eliminated, – said the unnamed pharmacist. He noted that speculation also affected the price increase.

“Recently, some people, for example, an old man and women come to the pharmacy with fake prescriptions. They take the medicine and give it to special people. They also collect medicines and sell them to pharmacies several times at high prices. ”– said the pharmacist.

In an interview with Radio Farda, another pharmacist working in Tehran, some drugs in recent months and confirmed a sharp rise in prices for medical products. He said, for example, that the price of an inhaler has increased fivefold.

B.Darayi He acknowledged that drug prices have risen by 30 percent in the past year. He said the price increase would cut the budget of the Spiritual Administration and drug smuggling way tried to coordinate with the transportation to neighboring countries.

Iranians are concerned that cutting the subsidy could mean the death penalty for millions of people. This step could cut off many people’s access to life-saving drugs.

“This, [qəsdli] is a massacre. In this country, patients are the most vulnerable and now they are gas is sent to the cell “– student active Leyla Huseynzade wrote on Twitter in late March.

Iranians have been subject to US sanctions in recent years and price increase due to corruption and faced a shortage of vital medicines. Here are the drugs used to treat cancer and also includes insulin.

U.S. food sanctions and does not apply to medicines. However, according to Human Rights Watch (HRW) according tothe sanctions have made it virtually impossible for Tehran to obtain some drugs.


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