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Elon Musk is ready to buy Twitter for $ 43 billion

Being the richest person in the world Elon Musk Twitter social network 43 billion dollars ready to buy. About it Bloomberg website reported. According to Musk, this is the best of the available offers. It should be noted that, Musk’s offer is based on the market value of Twitter shares 18% is high. It is popular when the news comes out social the price of a share of the network $ 45.85, social while the market value of the network 36.71 billion dollars constituted. Musk, in turn, sent a letter to the board of directors of Twitter and noted in that letter that, to develop in a situation where the social network is currently available and does not have the ability to serve social ideals.

According to him, the social network should be transferred to private hands. He also noted that, does not trust the existing management of the social network and if there is no progress on the deal, he will have to reconsider his stake in Twitter. It should be noted that, Musk, Twitter shares some time ago 9%received and as a result, it became the largest shareholder of the social network. In addition, his user account is one of the most popular user accounts on Twitter. At his user expense 80 million man has subscribed. It should be noted that, After the acquisition of Twitter shares, he was offered to join the board of directors of the social network. However, he refused the offer.

Azerbaijan news

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