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Azerbaijan in the new world: we are doomed to change


The United States in resolving the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict and Europe The activity of the union has yielded preliminary results. None of the Russian-sponsored talks after the 44-day war is in such a positive mood and did not lead to progress accompanied by concrete steps…

Yerevan has adopted five basic principles for peace talks from Baku, bilateral commissions will be formed by the end of this month to clarify the borders, and the foreign ministries have decided to work on peace agreements. Then the ministers Jeyhun Bayramov and Ararat Mirzoyan spoke on the phone for the first time in the history of the conflict and discussed the peace plan.

The well-known speech of the Prime Minister of Armenia Nicole Pashkina in the parliament on April 13 is a logical continuation of the process that President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev said at a government meeting. The Prime Minister said that, Recognition of the territorial integrity of Turkey, an ally of Turkey, from Western Armenia and He wants to lower his expectations about the status of Karabakh. Otherwise, Yerevan should not count on the help of the West.

Ilham Aliyev said that, Europe The Union accepted the realities of the post-war period, and Armenia agreed to start peace talks on the five basic principles put forward by Baku.

Thus, the position of the West is becoming clearer: Karabakh must be part of Azerbaijan, security guarantees and other details can only be discussed in this context. The parties to the conflict, in principle, prefer this Western-backed solution. Probably all the details of the peace talks that, will be discussed in detail…

This progress in the settlement of the conflictpolitical It comes at a time when Russia, which controls Ukraine, is in a difficult position. The Kremlin, hoping for a quick victory, is a serious failure and suffered numerous losses and is under severe sanctions from leading Western countries and international organizations. Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced that, USA and France They have suspended cooperation with them in the Minsk Group. Russia In the process of de facto settlement, he was out of the game, and now he is in Armenia and He is using the levers of pressure in Karabakh to maintain the status quo he established after the war. Of course, it would be naive to expect the Kremlin to withdraw from the region soon. However, it is unlikely that geopolitical forces will be able to shape the rapidly emerging realities in accordance with their interests.

Thus, Azerbaijan is the activation of the West in the region and is seeing the first fruits of its gradual seizure of initiative. The justice that official Baku has been seeking for decades is now his snowcame out of the glass. It is true that the results of the 44-day war are extremely important in this situation. Today, the West tells him the realities of the postwar period according to accepts that, Azerbaijan’s position is in line with international law, and its demands do not go beyond that. Its also to dictate terms as a winning country political, is a moral right. Of course, economic and security interests are also at the forefront here. Russia Europe, which is blocking energy, is in dire need of alternative energy sources. Azerbaijan has both oil and gasgas With its resources, as well as its network of transmission pipelines, transit importance can be a serious support to the West. Let’s note it too that, Against the background of Russia’s economic blockade, the country’s importance in the East-West transport corridor is growing by one-fifth.

Ukraine Azerbaijan’s place in the system of international relations, which began to take shape during the war, is clearly on the side of the West. This has always been the case, but aggressively Russia factor has created serious obstacles to this cooperation and integration. In most cases political The government has also skillfully maneuvered between geopolitical forces to ensure both the country’s security and its own interests. The changing balance of power is narrowing these opportunities and Of the Azerbaijani government snowcreates new realities in the glass. Because important reforms in the political, economic and legal system of the country have not been implemented. in Azerbaijan free and fair elections, independent judiciary, accountable government, strong parliament, free media and a competitive economy remains a dream. The country is not included in international shown among countries, international media and Transparency organizations also write the name of Azerbaijan in low places. The annual announced by the US State Department these days reportThe problems in Azerbaijan are described in detail in Let `s note that, This authoritative document plays an important role in building economic and political relations of the country. For example, companies wishing to invest in Azerbaijan first get acquainted with such opinions about the country, and then decide…

Although Azerbaijan’s neighbors and post-Soviet countries have made great strides in European integration over the past years, Azerbaijan has taken small steps in this direction. Not a member of the World Trade Organization, Europe The level of the Union’s participation in the Eastern Partnership Program is not higher than in Belarus.

Even in the new system of relations, it is very difficult to survive and compete with the backward, authoritarian rule. The new geopolitical realities that have emerged against the background of Russia’s weakening also create new obligations. Azerbaijan must seriously change from within and build a political system that reflects the values ​​of the civilized world.

First of all, a real dialogue between political forces, the elimination of hostility, the release of political prisoners, the media, the removal of obstacles to freedom of assembly, can create a favorable public environment for public debate on a major package of reforms.

The source of all reforms is, first of all, to change the Constitution. The reactionary provisions added to the Constitution in previous years should be eliminated, the separation of powers, local government, elections, human rights and freedoms and s. Progressive changes need to be made in areas.

Azerbaijan is doomed to change, to abandon the rule that prevents the country from political development and to embark on a new path of development. The launch of this process will further strengthen the country’s position in the upcoming Azerbaijani-Armenian peace talks.


Azerbaijan news

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