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How many sailors drowned, did they have a nuclear weapon?


A farewell ceremony was held with the Moscow missile cruiser in the Russian-occupied Crimean city of Sevastopol.

The ship sank in the Black Sea some time ago. Veterans of the Navy at the ceremony and the clergy attended.

On one of the wreaths of mourning was written “Ship and in memory of sailors “attracted the attention of the BBC.

Russia The Defense Ministry says it has evacuated the crew of the sunken ship, but did not say how many sailors were there. Ukraine Sources claim that most of the crew, including the ship’s captain, were killed.

The British website writes that, Of the 510 people on board the Moscow cruiser, 452 drowned along with the ship.

The site reports with reference to brain centers that, The probability of a nuclear weapon in Moscow is extremely high. She according to and the countries around the Black Sea – Turkey, Romania, Georgia and Bulgaria must demand an explanation from Russia.

According to the site according to, Ukraine related to the war 20 rus generalHe was arrested. Earlier, it was reported that 150 FSB officers were detained.

Britain writes the publication that, It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Sources in Russia’s popular Wagner group do not rule it out that, “Bayragdar” played an important role in the launch of the cruiser.

Presumably that, The Turkish drone could be used to distract the cruiser. And or Bayradar could be used to dismantle the radar system on the cruiser. It can be that, It was used to determine the direction for the missile fired from the “flagship” to the cruiser to hit the target.

It is also emphasized in the article that, Turkish ship rescues 54 sailors from sunken Moscow cruiser

Azerbaijan news

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