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Dear enemies – OPERATIVE COMMENT on the Moscow meeting


Today, a delegation led by Armenian Prime Minister Nicole Pashkina left for Moscow for a two-day visit. O, president Met with Vladimir Putin, then Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and Meetings with the chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko are planned. During the visit, Pashinyan will also visit Nizhny Novgorod.

Second half of the day Russia Pashinyan, who is in the capital, devoted his working hours to meeting with Putin in the Kremlin. One of the highlights of the meeting Russia The leader’s reception of the Armenian guest was not at a long table, but in a normal mode of operation. In the minutes when journalists are in the hall president and The Prime Minister spoke about the issues to be discussed.
Vladimir Putin he said that, they are, among other issues, security and They will also discuss Karabakh issues. “There are still many problems in this regard” He stressed.

Nicole Pashinyan said that, Russia peacekeeping contingent ensures security of Nagorno-Karabakh The Prime Minister stressed the personal role of the Russian President in the cessation of hostilities in Karabakh: “Relations between Yerevan and Moscow are at a very high level. Russia plays key role in ensuring security in South Caucasus.

Russia after the meeting and Energy between Armenia, socialcultural, information security and Documents on cooperation in other areas were signed. In addition, Yerevan and Moscow has signed a comprehensive cooperation program in the implementation of energy projects.

According to the Kremlin press service according to, the parties expressed confidence that they will further strengthen their multifaceted privileged alliance. Military between the two countries and It was also noted that military-technical cooperation is at a high level.

Russia and Armenian leaders have stated that, iron of the two countries way infrastructure, including Zangazur and iron in other regions of the republic way are ready to participate in line restoration projects.

“The leaders exchanged views on the situation in the South Caucasus. We are Azerbaijan, Armenia and Continuation of constructive work within the framework of regular meetings between Russian leaders and 20 of the leaders of the three countries20November 9, 11 January and We support the consistent implementation of the agreements of November 26, 2021. Stability and security in the region and It is important to ensure economic development “– said in a statement issued by the Kremlin.

In addition, it was noted that the Russian peacekeeping contingent made a decisive contribution to security. They called for the immediate solution of urgent humanitarian tasks and the normalization of relations between the two countries political and stressed the need for a diplomatic solution. In this context, in accordance with the international mandate of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair Institute, its potential and The importance of using the experience of

Later Putin and Pashinyan Azerbaijan, Armenia and All economic relations in the South Caucasus, co-chaired by Russian Deputy Prime Ministers and They stressed the importance of strengthening the activities of the Tripartite Working Group on the opening of transport communications.

Parties Azerbaijan and Between Armenia and Armenia and Russia to help normalize relations in the region as a whole and Azerbaijan has agreed to intensify trilateral cooperation.

“We are solving humanitarian problems and all interested players in providing comprehensive assistance, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross and UNincluding specialized agencies UNof Refugees Ali Commissariat and We stressed the importance of UNESCO’s participation “– said in a statement from the Kremlin.

It is noted that, Putin and Pashinyan welcomed the process of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, which began with the help of Russia: “The parties are committed to dialogue between all countries in the region and noted the successful launch of the 3 + 3 Regional Consultative Platform, designed to provide additional opportunities to promote multifaceted cooperation..

Pashinyan invited the Russian leader to the CSTO session in Yerevan in the second half of 2022. “Putin accepted the invitation” Says the Kremlin.

Commenting on the results of the meeting, the political scientist Elxan Shahinoglu said that, The statement from the Kremlin about the Putin-Pashinyan meeting consists of empty words: “The Kremlin has been publishing the same news for a year and a half, but there are no serious results. Negotiations on demarcation of the border, mediated by the Kremlin, have not intensified, and no progress has been made in opening communication lines. Nicole Pashina and Earlier, there was only one reason for summoning Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan to Moscow for a short time: the Kremlin Europe He wants to prevent the mediation of the Union. Brussels is aware of the Kremlin’s plans and knows that, Moscow can disrupt the process by putting pressure on Yerevan. Not accidental that, Before Nicole Pashinyan left for Moscow Europe The head of the union, Charles Michel, called him and explained that, Let the Kremlin not allow Brussels to thwart its plans. Charles Michel sent his representative for the South Caucasus Toivo Klaari to Baku. He is today president He met with Ilham Aliyev. Official Baku attaches importance to Brussels’ mediation. Pashinyan also wants to take advantage of Brussels’ mediation, but is afraid of his country’s master. “.


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