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A law is passed to block social media

The project president Register companies after signing by and There will be six months to open an office

The lower house of the Kazakh parliament is the Majlis of the government social the media and allowing you to block messaging platforms to protect them from cyberbullying the law approved the project. Observers say the law will allow the government to silence critics.

Register, open an office

The draft is drafted as an amendment to the law on the protection of children’s rights that, foreign social media networks and messaging services must be registered in Kazakhstan and open a local office to work in this Central Asian country.

The project president Register companies after signing by and There will be six months to open an office.

Prepared the project deputies They also offered to block websites without a court order.

Internet experts and Activists criticized the project and its government social network and They say it will allow messengers to tighten control. Several of these projects in the country in recent weeks protest action was held.

Unclear texts

Diana Okremova, chairwoman of the Legal Media Center, which protects the rights of Internet users, told RFE / RL that, additional work should be done on the project. Because children snowCyberbulling does not clearly classify “dissemination of dangerous information”.

Okremova points to another controversial law to incite social unrest. According to him according toIn recent years, the “unclear classifications” in the law have allowed the government to arrest dozens of human rights activists, journalists, bloggers, and members of religious groups.

Human rights activists have accused the Kazakh government of deliberately using “vague text” in its laws to silence dissidents.

The law President Qasim Jomart Tokayev will come into force after being signed by

International human rights groups say social networks in Kazakhstan are often blocked or restricted. Freedom House is an annual organization dedicated to Internet freedom around the world reportin Kazakhstan “free not “country.


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