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The European Union has approved a law on single USB Type-C access for all electronic devices

the European parliament Europe Union devices sold in countries USB Type-C of the standard unit approved the proposal to use it as a charging input. USB Type-C, Micro-USB and Lightning Discussions took place in Brussels on changes to the law on the standardization of charging access standards for all electronic devices. As part of discussions Europe Parliament’s domestic market and The members of the Consumer Protection Committee agreed that, Smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones, portable game consoles, portable speakers sold in the European Union and other electronic devices unit must have a charging input.

In this case, smart watches, fitness bracelets and Other devices that do not have USB Type-C access due to their small size will be excluded. Those devices are from the new law free will be done. USB Type-C in electronic devices sold in European Union countries unit in favor of acting as a charging input the European parliament 43 members of the committee voted in favor, 2 against. At the next stage, draft a law on this issue and adoption will be carried out. New the law The draft is expected to be presented at the next plenary session of the European Parliament in May.

It is expected that it will take some time for electronic devices in the European Union region to switch to a single charging input. That’s it according to also mentioned the law It will not come into force until 2024. In addition, it is planned to regulate wireless charging technology in the European Union by 2026. As a result of the use of the single charging input standard in various devices, a new charging cable is available when users purchase a new product. and or they won’t have to get the device. According to the European Union, the amount of annual electronic waste only as chargers 11,000-13,000 tons contane.

Azerbaijan news

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