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Why is VAT exemption delayed? – “We are in an absurd situation”

January From January 1, according to the Tax Code, books are subject to VAT free had to be. 18% VAT on both paper and book production and had to be taken away from the sale. ”

This “The lawShahbaz Khuduoglu, the head of the publishing house, said.

He said that the amendments to the law have not yet entered into force: “The law was amended, but it was specified in the presidential decree that, this The law then it will come into force that, The Cabinet of Ministers will prepare instructions within three months. Not three months, but four months have passed, but there are no instructions or changes in the law. “

Xuduoglu said that, Currently, bookstores also pay 18% VAT on books sold: “We book from abroad and or deliver paper. Customs charges us 18% VAT. We say that, why do you buy, because the law is invalid. They say that, We have not received any official instructions on this. The Ministry of Taxes also says that, we have not been instructed, you must continue to pay VAT. We are in such an absurd situation. “

The publisher said he had appealed to Prime Minister Ali Asadov on the issue: “I appealed to Ali Asadov that, let it be clarified. Like me, my colleagues are in a desperate situation. The law is required that, we do not pay VAT. Authorities, on the other hand, seem to be forcibly taking away that 18% VAT from us. This is a huge amount for us. ” (Qafqazinfo)


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