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He meets with UN President Lavrov

Lavrov said that, parties to discuss “situation in Ukraine, which has been a catalyst for a number of problems in the Euro-Atlantic region over the past decades”

UNSecretary General of Antonio Quterres once again called for a ceasefire in Ukraine, Russia’s neighbor snowwarns of the impact of the war on food security in the world.

“We are extremely interested in finding ways to create conditions for an effective dialogue, a ceasefire and a peaceful solution as soon as possible.” – Guterres on April 26th Moscow Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrovsaid at the beginning of the meeting.

Lavrov said that, The parties will discuss “the situation in Ukraine, which has been a catalyst for a number of problems in the Euro-Atlantic region over the past decades.”

Quterres Russia Presidents Vladimir Putinwill meet with him later Ukraine to meet with leaders Kyivwill go to.

Call from HRW

Human Rights Watch (HRW) controls the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol Russia He called on the security forces to ensure the safe evacuation of civilians to Ukrainian-controlled territory.

Mariupol from March 2 Russia is under the control of forces. Most of the city was destroyed, and thousands of civilians were reported killed.

At the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, about 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers are still resisting Russian forces. It is said that about a thousand civilians are hiding in the plant.

“Russian forces, which control the city of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine, must ensure that the remaining civilians in the city go to the territory controlled by Ukraine at their own discretion,” he said. – HRW emphasizes in its statement on April 26.

“Hiding in basements as cities are reduced to rubble”

Institution for the elderly, people with disabilities, the sick and emphasizes the need to pay special attention to the wounded.

HRW Moscow who is on a trip UN President António Guterres appeals that, Call on leading Russian officials to take into account the situation of civilians in Mariupol and warn them that, they are “illegal deaths of civilians and other serious violations of international humanitarian law according to they can be responsible. “

“Survivors of the two-month-old terror need ambulances and safe evacuation routes for Mariupol residents hiding in basements as their cities are reduced to rubble.” – said Ida Soyer from HRW.

Russia, which launched an attack on Ukraine on February 24, has faced heavy Western sanctions.


Azerbaijan news

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