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Youtube has started testing ads in the Shorts section for short videos

Famous Youtube video service for short videos Shorts has started testing advertisements in the section. It should be noted that, Shorts section within Youtube 2020was put into operation in and this section successfully TikTok and Instagram competes with. According to Youtube representatives, the video service tests the methods of monetizing videos in Shorts. So. that, Recently, there has been an increase in the number of users of Youtube and In general, the time spent by users on the video service has also increased. Google According to reports, the share of Youtube Shorts is currently daily 30 billion review falls. This figure is 4 times higher than last year.

The video service’s advertising revenue in the first quarter of this year 6.86 billion dollars rose. However, experts expected more growth. It should be noted that, Youtube is for creators of short videos while it’s time 100 million dollars created a special fund with a budget. In this way, content creators of services such as Youtube TikTok and tries to attract his audience. In August last year, it announced a video service that, he is the creator of popular videos every month 10.000 $ will pay the funds. At the time, such events were considered as an alternative to monetization for content creators. Video service itself and It was planned that such events would continue until content creators could find other ways to monetize. Monetization plans for content creators on YouTube Shorts were also discussed in February.

Azerbaijan news

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