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A full embargo on Russian oil


April 28, Germany Russia a complete embargo on oil snowWorld oil prices have risen since the declaration of independence.

The Wall Street Journal writes that, Europe Representatives of Germany in the Union Russia a complete ban on oil snowThey will not leave, but Berlin must be given time to find an alternative supply channel.

Earlier, on April 26, the German Minister of Economy Robert Habek he said that, his country Russia to oil Europe It can cope with the difficulties created by the Union’s complete embargo.

He added that, Berlin hopes to find an alternative to Russian oil soon.

Meanwhile, the price of Brent oil was 1.41 dollars increased to $ 106.73 per barrel. US oil is 1.95 dollars rose to $ 104.05 per barrel.

Germany is heavily dependent on Russian oil and to it according to also his Europe Complete ban by the Union snowit turned out.

The oil behind the Iron Curtain

Ukraine Before the war, Russian oil accounted for one-third of Germany’s supply.

A month ago, Germany’s economy minister announced a 25 percent cut in Russian oil imports.

Expert at Again Capital LLC in New York Con Kilduf he said:

“It simply came to our notice then free The oil on the world market will rise in price, and the oil behind the Iron Curtain will fall in price.

The United States has reacted sharply to Moscow’s intervention in Ukraine over Russia’s energy exports and tries to use it as a weapon against its allies.

Russia April 27 Poland and Given to Bulgaria gasi cut. Moscow thus the European Union gas Russia is trying to force payments for the new rule, or rather in rubles.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin order him on this new rule according to gave that, EU countries should be forced to open an account in the sanctioned Gazprombank.

Dollar If oil prices rise, will oil become cheaper?

One of the documents reviewed by Reuters, the Russian Ministry of Economy according to Russia’s oil production could fall by 17 percent in 2022.

Reuters reports that, However, an agreement on a gradual increase in production is expected to remain in force at the May 5 meeting of the OPEC + group, which includes Russia.

This is also reported that, On April 28, the US dollar rose 20 reached its highest level in a year.

Experts say that, The rise in the dollar is usually accompanied by a fall in oil prices.

China has tightened COVID-19 quarantine measures in Beijing and has begun mass testing of the city’s population of 22 million.

Such quarantine measures are usually factory and creates interruptions in the supply of factories.

This is one of the factors that sharply reduces the demand for oil.

Azerbaijan news

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