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Sanctions have not reduced Russia’s energy export revenues, but …

Since the beginning of the war Russia To the EU 46 billion dollars of energy resources sold and this figure is growing

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine according to Despite the reduction in sales of sanctions, Moscow is gaining Europe’s energy dependence on its oil. Energy located in Finland and Clean The weather This is stated in a study released by the Center for Research (CREA) on April 28.

To research according toUkraine snowDuring the two-month war Russia Europe It has doubled its revenues from fuel sales to the European Union (EU).

The loss caused by sanctions on Russian sales is due to rising prices compensation hit.

Researchers say that, New sanctions promise higher prices Russia Presidents Vladimir Putinfrom energy to the EU snowuse as pressure, Ukraine attempts to finance the war in vain.

Since the beginning of the war, Russia has joined the EU 46 billion dollars of energy resources sold and this figure is growing. This means a doubling of sales value compared to the same period in 2021, the report said.

Despite the decline in sales, the rise in oil prices since the start of the occupation of Ukraine on February 24 ships to Moscow and from energy exported by pipelines 63 billion euros (66 billion dollars) brought income.

“Big hole in sanctions”

EU oil imports from Russia 20and coal fell by 40 percent. However gas imports increased and Germany remains the main buyer. During the two months of the war, Germany imported 9 billion euros worth of energy products.

Leading analyst at CREA Lauri Millivirta he said that, ongoing energy exports “Creates a big hole in sanctions” and All countries that receive energy from Russia “It is a huge international crime committed by the Russian army the law It is associated with violations. “

According to him, the only way to stop the war way Flexible from Russia’s energy carriers and will give up completely.

Europe A resolution passed by parliament in March called for an embargo on Russian energy. But so far Europe The union has discussed only one embargo, banning coal imports from Russia since August.

Gazprom’s revenue has increased

Russia’s energy giant Gazprom said its net income rose last year, citing rising energy prices. The company plans to invest 2.09 trillion rubles (29 billion) in 2021 dollars) reported net income. A year ago, this figure was 135 billion rubles. 2020global pandemic in and falling energy prices had reduced revenues.

After economies exited the COVID-19 lockdowns, energy prices began to rise around the world. Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine has pushed up prices even more.

Gazprom this year gas forecasts a 4 percent decline in production. This is due to the impact of Western sanctions.

The company joined EU members Poland on April 27 and To Bulgaria gas announced the suspension of supplies. Russian President Vladimir Putin Although it demanded payment in rubles for gas, these countries did not comply.

Putin He made such a demand in response to Western economic sanctions.


Azerbaijan news

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