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Next week, scientists will announce a revolutionary discovery in the Milky Way galaxy

Next week Europe Southern Observatory (ESO) will hold a special press conference and The press conference will focus on a new discovery in our galaxy. ESO astronomers Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) will present the results of research conducted under the project. It should be noted that, It is in this project that astronomers in 2019 black hole they got their first photo. Conversation, M87 is a photo of a high-mass black hole in the center of the galaxy. That’s it according to nor is it an exception that, this time scientists Milk The way obtained a photo of a black hole in the center of the galaxy.

The press conference planned by ESO will take place on May 12. Conference as well Youtube will also be presented live. The main topic of the conference is still that, kept secret. But it is known that, Scientists have been working on the EHT project for a long time that, Milk The way examine the center of the galaxy. And in the center of our galaxy Sagittarius A * located in a high-mass black hole called. Maybe scientists have repeated the success of the first photo of the black hole presented in 2019? This will indeed be one of the most important achievements in the field of astronomy.

The first photo of the black hole presented in 2019:

It is very difficult to get photos of black holes. So. that, they are all electromagnetic radiation they are almost invisible because they swallow. The only thing that can be seen is your black hand event horizontal is a region called. As for the black hole in the center of our galaxy called Sagittarius A *, dust it off and gas cover the clouds. That’s it according to it is doubly difficult to observe. If the scientists did get a photo of Sagittarius A *, they probably did that, an illuminating donut-like object will be reflected. According to ESO, it is a revolutionary discovery. In 2019, scientists recorded the first photo of the black hole before presenting it that, is a revolution in discovery.

Azerbaijan news

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