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Ukraine accuses Caucasus countries – Russia is being helped

Ukraine Intelligence South Caucasus countries Russia accused of negotiating with Moscow on the export of its products to international markets.

This was reported by the Georgian news portal

Said that, from May 1 trustmost Russia supply of goods as the goods of these countries and It is planned to export to third countries.

“Already in the countries of the South Caucasus 20More than 0 companies have been established. Armenia Russia creates favorable conditions for companies to do business. This is especially true in the field of IT. Russia to Ukraine snow85,000 Russian citizens have fled to Armenia since the beginning of the large-scale aggression and 113 IT companies arrived.

Russian citizens are citizens of both countries – Armenia and Russia’s budgets tax about a thousand private enterprises that pay and They have created about 250 limited liability companies.

It is emphasized in the information that, Armenia creates special conditions for Russian companies to do business.

Also Ukraine The Defense Ministry’s intelligence claims that Moscow has created a smuggling channel through Georgia.

The Georgian government, in turn, strongly disagrees with this accusation.

Let `s note that, Along with Armenia and Georgia, Azerbaijan was also mentioned in the report without any arguments.


Azerbaijan news

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