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Russia’s influence on the Karabakh issue has weakened


What will be the result of the opposition protests in the streets of Yerevan? and How can it affect the Karabakh talks?

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan Speaking of the peace agreement with Azerbaijan and the opening of borders with Turkey, former presidents Robert Kocharyanof and Serzh Sargsyanparliamentary factions say that, Prime Minister wants to make concessions to Azerbaijan and they do it according to also demand his resignation.

Regional analyst in the United States Paul Qobl he says that, What is happening in Armenia now is at least Russia’s message to Pashkina that, you’re a little slow and know the limits.

Let `s note that, Both former presidents of Armenia Russia are known as politicians who are in favor of a closer relationship with Paul Goble notes that, Russia’s influence on the Karabakh talks is already felt to be weakening:

“It simply came to our notice then that, There is no reason to change Pashkina’s position on the peace agreement. But if there is dissatisfaction within the Armenian government, anything can happen. It is even possible to overthrow Pashinyan. But still that, there is no reason to say that. I think that’s all political is a message, not an attempt to overthrow Pashinyan. Pashinyan is not stupid either, he understands that, there are limits to what he can do. This is to remind Pashinyan of those limits that, take steps carefully. Probably that, “Delaying the signing of a peace agreement may be the best result the opposition can achieve.”

But in Yerevan political commentator Ruben Mehrabyan he says that, this opposition is so weak that, He can’t move Pashinyan and the people will stand behind their chosen leader:

“I can say this based on the mood of the people,” he said. Armenian society is determined to protect its elected leader. I see the attitude of our citizens to this disobedience. None of the opposition’s calls social there is no basis. Historically, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia existed in one region. “Historically, there is no alternative to these countries living in peace.”

Putina gift “

Opposition in Yerevan protest one of the leaders leading the protests Ishkhan Sagatelyan He said in a statement on May 4 that, Pashtunya’s talks remain unacceptable to the opposition. He called Prime Minister Nicole Pashkina’s Karabakh talks with Azerbaijan a surrender and adds that, they will not allow Pashkina to complete the capitulation:

“We will not provoke Azerbaijan to war. We are Turkey and We will not stop negotiations with Azerbaijan, but we will negotiate with him according to we will not participate that, let’s ask snowwhat the other side needs according to we will participate that, Let’s really protect the interests of our country. You can say that, Nicole Pashinyan says the same. In fact, he does not say so. “

Armenian analyst Ruben Mehrabyan says that, this protest Russia has a finger in the action. That is, they want the pro-Russian Kocharyan and Sargsyan that, It failed in Ukraine Russia presidents Vladimir PutinLet them give a gift of the riots in Armenia as a kind of consolation.

Protests in Yerevan began on May 1. Opposition supporters have been in Yerevan since Sunday France set up a tent in the square. According to Azatutyun according todemonstrations 20More than 0 protestwas saved.

Armenia and Azerbaijan 2020Although a ceasefire agreement was signed in 2006, there is no final peace agreement, but the parties have said they are ready to start peace talks. (Radio Liberty)

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