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The Ukrainian army advanced in the direction of Nikolaev and Kherson

Ukraine Armed Forces Nikolaev and It has regained control of several settlements located on the administrative borders of Kherson region.

Information Ukraine General StaffFacebook”Account. In sharing free The names of the settlements were not mentioned.

Added that, Russia forces Donetsk and Taking full control of the territory of Luhansk region and It has not stopped offensive operations in the Eastern Operations Zone to establish a land corridor to Crimea.

“Donetsk and The last in the Luhansk region 24 hours During the attack, 11 enemy attacks were repulsed, 5 tanks and 7 armored vehicles and Five vehicles were destroyed, “the statement said.

Noted that, Russia It is trying to increase tensions in Moldova’s Transnistrian region. Added that, Russia Ukraine activities of troops snowoperational-tactical in order to get the bottle and launches missiles from strategic aircraft: “Russian enemy units Liman, Severodonetsk and Attempts to carry out offensive operations in the popasnaya areas, but failed. In Mariupol, the Russian occupiers made efforts to block Ukrainian units at Azovstal and focused on destruction. With the help of air support, the enemy continued to attack the plant in order to gain full control.

The statement said that, Ukrainian air defense forces belong to Russia 9 weather neutralized the target. Four of them were UAVs, three cruise missiles and two fighter jets.


Azerbaijan news

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