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Where did the owner of the Azerbaijani bank included in the US sanctions list flee?


The list of banks blocked by the United States includes 20 in Azerbaijan20Bankoff, which has been operating since After that, thousands of Azerbaijani citizens can not get information about the fate of their money in the bank.

Let `s note that, Bankoff is the first Azerbaijan to be blocked by the United States bankis and bank He apologized to his clients, confirming that he was officially blocked.

And the United States of Azerbaijan bankWhat caused you to block

Commenting on the topic, START UP project manager, expert Jamil Huseynzadeh said that, Bankoff is based on the START UP project national is an online bank.

“The bank has been operating for more than a year that, operated online. It worked on the basis of a mobile application. Its activities were focused not only on Azerbaijan, but on the entire global world.

According to the expert according to After sanctions were imposed on Russia’s largest banks, they began to look for alternatives.

This alternative was taken over by Bankoff, an online Azerbaijani bank and What happened next was:

“Recently, Bankoff has received a lot of visas from Russia and mastercard orders began to arrive and Through its customers living in this country, the bank’s income has increased by one-fifth. It is Russia’s cooperation with blocked companies and Russia The United States has blocked the activities of the Bank of Azerbaijan, which operates online, because it serves its citizens.

According to the expert according tothe project was created with the support of American investors and was also blocked based on their appeals:

April the end of the month and In early May, the company began to announce that it was blocked. The blocking applies to all people using the bank’s services.

The information we received according to, the bank is owned by Elmir Aliyev. After the bank’s activity was blocked, Elmir Aliyev sent all contact numbers and social-Laved media accounts and left Azerbaijan.

Digital Development and The Ministry of Transport was also among the supporters of the START UP project. The ministry is still concerned about the suspension of the bank that, did not disclose any information. (Bizim.Media)

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