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My police, protect me? – Dangerous game of traffic police in Baku – VIDEO


In Baku, a traffic police officer grossly violated the rules by car.

Images about it social spread on the network.

So. that, Traffic police repeatedly violated the rules of maneuver on Heydar Aliyev Avenue, posing a threat to other road users. In this case, the same service flashing lights in the car and no sound signal. The offending patrol car is a YPX car with registration number 99-YP-279.

Baku City State Road Police Chief Inspector of the Office, police Major Araz Askerli clarified the images of the traffic police allegedly making dangerous maneuvers with a service car.

He told that, An investigation has been launched into the images.

Asgarli noted that the images were old, but the allegations about “dangerous maneuvers” did not reflect the truth:

“It simply came to our notice then that, The movement of operative vehicles is regulated by Article 74 of the Law on Road Traffic. On the other hand, these images are old images and was released for the sake of the rating. And most importantly police moves by turning on the car’s flashing lights. This is a car belonging to the Nizami District State Police Department and acts in accordance with the law. There is no illegal action by the police in these images.

DYP The official used the name of the police to write such articles for the sake of ratings snowcame out.

Azerbaijan news

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