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Russia is looking for biological weapons in Azerbaijan


Russia He once again accused Azerbaijan of maintaining centers for conducting research on biological weapons with the alleged financial support of third countries. Russia The statement, repeated by the Defense Ministry for several years, this time Moscow UNvoiced by the representation in. The target of the accusations is not only Azerbaijan, UkraineGeorgia and Armenia are also on the Kremlin’s list.

Still 2018 and 2020In the 1930s, Moscow claimed that there were biological laboratories in Georgia, first “experimenting on humans” and then experimenting on “disease-carrying insects.”

Russia The claim of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs according to, these experiments are being conducted at the Richard Lugar Public Health Center in Tbilisi. The lawsuit also alleges that the experiments were carried out with US support. At that time, Russia sent its specialists to this laboratory and demanded access to all his documents.

In Tbilisi, Russia’s accusations were called disinformation and reminded that, The laboratory has been operating in Georgia since Soviet times.

In addition, Russia attacked on February 24 Ukraine claimed the existence of similar biological laboratories in its territory. The lawsuit was filed by the Russian Defense Ministry on April 6, 2022.

The ministry said in a statement on April 14 that, Ukraine along with Georgia and Moldova from the former Soviet republics and More than 5,000 research projects in the field of biological programs have been implemented in scientific and technical centers in Azerbaijan.

As for Armenia, this year Januaryin Russia and Armenia has signed an agreement to inspect the laboratories. It is shown in the document that, Russian experts will inspect research centers.

Azerbaijan’s State Security Service (SSS) says Russia’s allegations about the operation of biological weapons research centers in Azerbaijan with the financial support of a third country are unfounded.

The service considers that, thus to Azerbaijan snowUnfounded allegations have been made.

“Recently, representatives of the Russian Federation have repeatedly voiced their views on the operation of biological research centers in Azerbaijan, allegedly with the financial support of third countries, as part of international events. These considerations, made without any facts, are of some concern to the public of our republic snowis being observed. ”

DTX reports that, Such scientific centers have never operated in Azerbaijan, including the country’s population and or no research has been conducted that could harm the health of citizens of neighboring countries.

“Without studying the position of the Azerbaijani side of such information in international events, including UN It is unfortunate that it was declared in such a prestigious organization as

It is emphasized at the end of the information: “Based on the partnership, we express our readiness to investigate specific facts raised by the other party if they are presented.”.

Security expert Ilham Ismayil told that, Russia’s statement is an excuse to intervene in Azerbaijan: Russia also attacked Ukraine under the pretext of “denasification” and “demilitarization.” In 2014, his excuse was to “ensure the safety of Russian-speakers.” In the autumn of last year, Iran often used the excuse that “the Zionist regime is strengthening near the border” in order to show us military power. Neither Russia nor Iran can show any evidence, because there is nothing real. According to the DTC, “these views are of some concern to the public.” snowIt was emphasized. It is Russia’s aggression under such pretexts, specifically Ukraine, that is causing this concern. It is possible that Russia will commit provocations in Baku and Karabakh under such pretexts. In this sense, the information released by the DTC was timely. We need to be vigilant “.

Political scientist Farhad Mammadov also told that, These charges are not new, for several years, Europe It is against the countries that have joined the Union’s Eastern Partnership program. “More Ukraine and Accusations were leveled against the operation of biological laboratories in Georgia. They even said the issue was ridiculous in Ukraine that, These laboratories produce viruses that cause epidemics against the Slavs and brought to Russia by pigeons “-expert reminds.

According to F. Mammadov according toAfter the start of the war against Ukraine, they are trying to control the domestic audience with such scaleless lies and as a result, they entered an irreversible process.

F.Mammadov reminds that, Such statements were previously made by the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry, but now UN raised to the level of and In this case, the statements of the ministry are referred to: “DTX also responded to this, because it is such a chewed-up topic that, it had to be answered, and as a result such speculations were put to an end. It was delivered to them that, You use a lot of cards in the war in Ukraine, but there is no need to put Azerbaijan there. It doesn’t matter if you put it in, if you take any action, it will not give the expected result. “.

Russia in laboratories this year and A commission was set up between Armenia and an inspection was planned. Can this be demanded from Azerbaijan as well?

F.Mammadov says that, These were the small US-funded centers in Armenia: “The situation in Armenia is completely different. Armenian experts also said that, Moscow made it a matter of principle that, Pashinyan will take this step under Russian pressure or not. As a result, the issue was resolved, a commission was established on paper, but so far no inspections have been carried out. Second, even if it is funded by the United States, it does not mean its laboratory, because it belongs to Armenia.

If such an accusation is made against Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan can only agree to a mutual inspection. That is, we inspect the laboratory we want in Russia, and we have it. This can be done only on an equal footing. If Russia chooses this as an element of pressure on Azerbaijan, it is a very unfortunate choice “.


Azerbaijan news

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