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How long will it take to reach the farthest planet from the sun, Neptune?

Pluto dwarf planets after being included in the class From the sun the status of the planet at the farthest distance Neptune won. In question gas is so far away from the giant Sun. that, It takes 4 hours for the sun’s rays to reach it. It should be noted for comparison that, The sun’s rays reach the earth in 8 minutes. Neptune is also 4 times larger than Earth and its environmental conditions are not good for man. Windy on Neptune weather conditions are available. The speeds of the strongest winds on Earth 400 km per hour wind speeds on Neptune at a time when they are formed 1900 km per hourcan reach. It is not about ordinary winds on Earth. Winds on Neptune hydrogen, helium and methane act as strong currents of gases. The temperature on Neptune is very low. The weather temperature in the upper layers of its atmosphere, depending on the conditions -151 degrees Celsius to -165 degrees Celsius reaches.

In other words, Neptune does not have the conditions to support life. But if humans somehow reached Neptune, how long would it take? Neptune of any spacecraft and or because the spacecraft does not have ideal conditions for landing, the best option is to approach it as close as possible to the planet. But this, in turn, is not an easy task. Neptune is approximately from Earth 4.3 billion km located in the distance. If you turn this distance into time, you will get a very long space journey. NASAof Voyager-2 reach a distant planet with a spacecraft called and He left Earth in 1977 to learn more about them. Twelve years later (1989), Voyager 2 approached Neptune as close as possible and had taken several photos of him. However, in the near future, the manned spacecraft is unlikely to reach Neptune.

However, according to experts, the observation of planets like Neptune, in turn, will help to better understand the universe. Although the probability of manned spacecraft reaching Neptune in the near future is very low, researchers are working on two space missions. and The planet Neptune is also on the list of travel routes of these missions. One of the two missions is being prepared by China and The spacecraft to be sent as part of the mission will travel along the trajectory of Voyager 2 and pass by Neptune. and will continue on its way. The second mission is being prepared by NASA and o, Trident got the name. The spacecraft to be sent as part of the Trident mission is a satellite of Neptune Of Triton will pass nearby. The goal is to find out if there is an underground ocean in Triton.

Azerbaijan news

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