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Why sell an apartment to several people for decades?

Recently, there have been new complaints about construction companies selling an apartment to several people. April in the month of “Sahil-S The head of “Inshaat” Housing Construction Cooperative (HCC) was arrested on this claim. These days, the leadership of two more institutions snowThe same charges were brought against him.

Complaints on such issues have been heard for years. What are the reasons for this? How are the rights of people allegedly deceived protected?

Baku resident Eldar Yusif He told RFE / RL that, 2018-in “Sahil-S He bought an apartment from “Inshaat”: “The company bankI bought a house there on the basis of a financial certificate and then it became known that, Apart from me, this house was sold to two other people. It is unknown on what basis they bought this apartment.

The citizen says that, Numerous contractors took part in the construction of the house: “They also repeatedly sold in various ways on the basis of illegally issued financial statements. However, none of them is being prosecuted. “

According to him according toThe management of the MTC, although arrested, can not get his money back.

This complaint, for now, “Sahil-S Management of “Inshaat” MTC and It was not possible to get feedback from their lawyers. The trial of the company’s management has not started yet.

From the Prosecutor General’s Office “Turan”Was reported that, In connection with the construction (MTK) fraud in 2019-2021 20The case has been completed and sent to court. Noted that, All appeals are investigated objectively and In case of reasonable suspicions, intensive investigative actions are carried out to bring all perpetrators to justice.

Real Estate and construction expert Elnur Azadov told the agency that, In recent years, on the contrary, the number of such cases has decreased: “It simply came to our notice then 20Starting from 07 2018was a lot until. 2018In 2006, the Civil Code was slightly amended, and construction companies became more formal. According to him according tomoreover, there were some detainees and this also created some fear.

Says the expert that, There are certain gaps in the law: “These companies found gaps and signed contracts that cost them.”

To E. Azadov’s emphasis according to, April On strengthening the fight against corruption, approved in January 2022-2026 Milli The Action Plan will include a register of apartments sold by construction companies: “It is created to control the corruption system.”

Economist Speaker Jafarli also told RFE / RL that, There are significant gaps in the legislation in this regard: “Most citizens do not know their rights and they think they bought an apartment with a piece of paper that has no legal force. According to the legislation, only apartments with an extract can be sold. But it’s in the middle of work that, There is no ban on MTCs selling apartments under internal contracts and companies are abusing it. ”

According to him, there are two ways out of this situation way “As in many countries, the sale of apartments in buildings that are not included in the state register may be banned. Or the Ministry of Emergency Situations should speed up the process of handing over the buildings. Today, thousands of citizens in Baku live in buildings that have not been handed over for years.

The economist noted that, There is always a government official behind the construction companies implementing large projects in Azerbaijan: “It simply came to our notice then that, building a business is either impossible or extremely difficult. Businessmen relying on officials and or more convenient than official companies opened on behalf of others and We are witnessing his impunity. “


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