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Russian oil sold for water


Texas crude traded at $ 104.53 a barrel, British Brent crude traded at $ 106.84 a barrel, and Azerbaijani Azeri Light crude traded at $ 112.03 a barrel. , Sold for $ 46. In the futures contracts for July 1, the price of a barrel of Brent crude oil on the London Stock Exchange for July was $ 106.62, while the price of a barrel of crude oil with Russia’s Lukoil was 4,600 rubles. and or 68.85 at today’s exchange rate dollars identified.

This was stated by economist Gubad Ibadoglu.

According to him according toRussia’s growing war spending and oil in exchange for current costsgas revenues are also lower than expected. So. that, Russian Ministry of Finance oil for Maygas in addition to income 414 billion Although it predicts that the ruble will receive 300 rubles from the same source in March billion less than rubles, this figure April 133.1 bln. rubles less:

“The world market price of oil 100 dollarsThe reason for the decline in additional oil revenues against the background of Russia Although the Ministry of Finance did not explain, it is known that, such a situation is a decrease in sales and due to the price difference. So. that, It is known from the information published by the Ministry of Finance earlier that, April Russia’s Urals oil prices are about 33 percent lower than Brent oil prices.

Thus, the deviation from the forecast in the formation of Russia’s federal budget revenues for the last month is a record 302 billion rubles. The Ministry of Finance compared this to the pre-crisis forecast gas decline in exports, as well as low dynamics of VAT revenue.

Some were saying that, sanctions Russia The impact on the economy is not great. This is just the beginning. Russia will not be able to get out of the swamp for decades. Everything is as good as it seems and It’s not simple. “

Azerbaijan news

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