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The Latvian Seimas allowed the demolition of the Soviet monument

The draft resolution was adopted in both readings

Latvian Parliament – Seimas on May 12 to protect Soviet monuments in the country and on not obstructing the burial of former Soviet servicemen Russia decided to unilaterally suspend the agreement with

The draft resolution was adopted in both readings.

Thus, the Seimas destroyed the memorial complex of Soviet soldiers who died in World War II snowremoved legal barriers in the glass.

This large monument is located in the center of the capital Riga.

Russia Like the Soviet Union…

Part of Latvian society considers this monument a symbol of the Soviet occupation. Others, mostly Russian-speakers, called for the demolition of the monument snowthey are

They think that, this monument embodies the memory of those who saved Riga from Nazism.

These contradictions are unfounded for Russia and Ukraine and exacerbated after an unexplained attack.

Chairman of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Seimas Richard Kols said about it:

Russia With the rhetoric of its officials, it purposefully strengthens the association between today’s Russian Federation and the Soviet Union. ”

CurrentTime channel reports that, Kols was the initiator of the vote in the Seimas.

A difficult agreement to break

This is also reported that, The Soglasiye party, which represents the interests of Russian-speaking citizens, opposed the resolution in the first reading. 20 deputyi voted.

The adopted document, as well as Soviet monuments in other parts of the country, except for the monument in Riga and provides for the abolition of memorial plaques.

The terms of the agreement with Russia according to Latvia must decide with Russia to cancel the agreement.

The decision to demolish the memorial complex must be approved by the Riga Duma.

Riga mayor Martinish Stakis on May 11 that, The demolition of the monument will not take place until the new members of the Seimas are determined in the October 1 elections.


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