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A senator has cut $ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine


As a result of a speech by Republican Senator Rand Paul in the US Senate on aid to Ukraine the law The project was not accepted.

The bill was scheduled to pass parliament this week. On May 11, the House of Representatives approved. On May 13, the bill was expected to pass the Senate faster.

But during the discussion, Kenducky’s Rand Paul’s request to include a new norm in the document violated the plan. The senator considers it necessary to create a special federal body to control the spending of allocated funds and it wants it to be reflected in the original text of the law, not in separate additions or amendments.

As a result, the next discussion of the project is scheduled for next week. Recall that, president Biden Congress called for his adoption as soon as possible. Otherwise, until the end of the current aid program, ie by the end of May president may not lead to the signing of a new law.

The next aid package includes:

$ 6 billion – to support security, including equipment, weapons and training costs;

$ 8.7 billion – to replace American reserves sent to Ukraine;

$ 3.9 billion – Europe for the operating costs of the command;

$ 4 billion – Ukraine and for foreign military funding to support other countries;

$ 5 billion – for humanitarian (food) assistance;

$ 9 billion – for the Ukrainian Economic Support Fund.

The rest of the funds Ukraine to help refugees and Related to Putin Russia will be spent in search of oligarchs.

Azerbaijan news

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