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‘Apple has already started testing iPhone models with USB Type-C input’

A popular analyst last week Ming-Chi Kuo reported that, Apple company next year iPhone in models Lightning your entry USB Type-C can be replaced with. And now Bloomberg The website provided new information on this issue. So. that, According to Bloomberg Apple has already started testing iPhone models with USB Type-C input. It is assumed that, Apple The reason for the company’s plans to switch from Lightning input to USB Type-C on iPhone models Europe Union new expected to be adopted by the law is a project. It should be noted that, Europe The union has proposed a new one the law according to the project Europe Most electronic devices to be sold in the countries of the Union unit must have a charging input standard. We are talking about the USB Type-C standard.

This, in turn, will allow you to use one charger on several smartphone models for a long time. As a result, the level of pollution through e-waste is expected to decrease. However, Apple understands the needs of users of Lightning input accessories in the process of connecting to the USB Type-C input in the near future. and to it according to also works on the appropriate switching accessory. According to the report, this year’s iPhone models will retain the Lightning input. However, it is not clear that in 2023, iPhone models will have a USB Type-C port.

So. that, The year 2023 is marked as approximate time. It should be noted that, iPad and Mac models have already switched to USB Type-C. That’s it according to iPhones are the only Apple product to have Lightning access. According to reports, Apple, in turn, tried to develop an iPhone model that has no access. In this case the charging process and data transmission had to be done through wireless technology. However, the report said that, charging during testing of such iPhone model and Apple had to abandon such a plan due to the slowdown in data transfer speeds.

Azerbaijan news

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