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Dead seals and sturgeon were found on the shores of the Caspian Sea

About three weeks ago judge Authorities said 94 dead seals were found in the area

Officials in Kazakhstan’s western Mangistau region say 64 endangered seals have died off the coast of the Caspian Sea over the weekend. and they say five large sturgeons have been found.


The Mangistau Regional Fisheries Inspectorate said on May 16 according toall the animals were found near the port of Shevchenko and was tested to determine the cause of death.

About three weeks ago judge Authorities said 94 dead seals were found in the area. The information disclosed at that time according tothe fragmented condition of the animals did not allow any examination of them.

On May 4, the Minister of Ecology of Kazakhstan Serikqali Birekeshev has denied allegations that the North Caspian Operating Company may have caused the mass loss of seals. This company has oil wells in the Caspian Sea gasır.

Less than 70 thousand

The Caspian seal is the only mammal living in the world’s largest closed water body.

These endangered animals are at risk of over-hunting and industrial pollution. 20At the beginning of the 20th century, there were more than 1 million seals, but now there are less than 70,000.

International Union for Conservation of Nature 20In 08, he recognized the seal as an endangered species. The seal was included in the Red Data Book of endangered species from Russia last year.

Giant oil in the Caspian Seagas have reserves, coast states RussiaKazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran and It is Turkmenistan.

Pollution caused by hydrocarbon production and Declining water levels pose a threat to many native species, jeopardizing the future of the sea itself.


Azerbaijan news

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