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Fiction or reality ?: Does the universe really exist?

Multikainat the word “Spider-Man: No Way HomeandDoctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness”Has recently become more popular in the community. Marvel In movies, multiculture is the ability to have different versions of our universe at the same time. From the necessary technologies in those films and or it is possible to travel between existing universes using magic. But does the universe really exist? To this issue University of Western Sydney physical Luke Barnes tried to clarify. Shown in Spider-Man: No Way Home that, with other universes Of the Earth twins are available and several identical superheroes into our reality thanks to the help of certain magic and negative character can be transferred.

“Can there be twins on our planet?” And if they could, are there real human twins on those planets? From a scientific point of view, this is possible. Because we don’t know how big our universe really is, ”said Luke Barnes. It is very likely that there are twins of our universe and our planet somewhere. Because the space we see is not the limit of all existing space. There are many galaxies and planets and stars are available and we know nothing about them.

Albert Einstein thought that, we, on space from the speed of light we can’t travel faster. From a scientific point of view from mole nests (another name wormhole) can be used. But we do not know how to create them and it seems that the universe does not create them naturally. “On the other hand, if we can create a mole nest, it is unlikely that it will eventually take us to the twins of the Earth. It may be that, let it simply take us to an unknown point in space. That’s it according to And if the Earth’s twins really do exist, they are incredibly far away, ”Luke Barnes added.

The multiplicity of Marvel movies is unbelievable. But this is not the case. Scientists know that, which are the basic building blocks of our universe protons, neutrons, electrons and other factors can create incredible things in the true sense of the word. If those factors behaved differently, our universe would be completely different and It may be that, human civilization would not exist at all. “How did our universe get this necessary composition?” Maybe we just won the space lottery. Maybe there are parts of the universe with completely different components. Can it be that, Is our universe the most successful varant among other similar universes? ” Said Luke Barnes.

Everything according to general descriptions of the nature of the universe Big bang appeared immediately. Before the big bang, it was incredibly dense and hot and there was a homogeneous point. And after its explosion matter began to be distributed evenly throughout the universe. That process is still going on. In other words, the universe continues to expand from the moment of the Big Bang until now. “But of the universe inflation models There is a theory called. According to this theory, immediately after the Big Bang, the universe began to expand at a very high rate in the first part of a second. If this is indeed the case, then this factor explains the process of expanding the universe in a way that is known, not differently, ”said Luke Barnes.

“It simply came to our notice then inflation can create a multi-universe. According to this theory, most of the space expands every second and grows in size. In small parts of the space, the necessary conditions are created for an event such as the Big Bang to happen by chance. In these parts, the basic properties of matter change and each such small sphere can be called another universe with different characteristics. In this way, a multi-universe is created, “added Luke Barnes. However, according to the physicist, these ideas are purely theoretical. So. that, a lot of “maybe” around this topic and There are factors such as “maybe”. At present, there is no solid scientific evidence for the existence of a multi-universe. Finally, Luke Barnes quoted a quote from Doctor Strange from “Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.”

Azerbaijan news

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