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FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD: Bringing soil from the moon …

For the first time, scientists have grown plants in the soil collected from the Moon. reports quoting the BBC according toScientists from the University of Florida in the United States planted mouse ear seeds from the family of crucifers (turpgiller) in the soil of the Moon, collected during the Apollo missions in 1962-1972. The seeds germinated after 2 days.

Thus, for the first time, the seeds were successfully germinated in the lunar soil.

The University of Florida’s research team was given 1 gram of soil per plant for research. Scientists are surprised that the growing sprout later slowed down and They said it was dry.

Research NASA – American Space and It is considered an important step for the Aeronautics Agency’s “Living on the Moon” project.

Let `s note that, NASA astronauts during the Apollo missions in 1962-1972, 382 kilograms of soil, seeds, gravel, sand from the surface of the Moon and brought dust.

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FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD: Bringing soil from the moon…
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