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‘Fighting evil’ four women

“We are patient, we do not give up. We are fighting evil. Changes appear on the horizon… Russia free will be “

Alexandra Skochilenko artist and musician, Victoria Petrova manager, Maria Ponomarenko journalist, Olga Smirnova is a civil society activist. There are also features that unite these four women.

All four of them Russia Presidents Vladimir Putinis from his hometown of St. Petersburg. All four “Russia Review of the Armed Forces of the Federation “judgeare found guilty, 10 can be sentenced to years in prison. And About four were arrested, though that, About the war in Ukraine social posted posts in the media, or a sticker yaplit.

Article 207.3

According to Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code, how many RussiansjudgeIt is not clear exactly. This article is in one day – March 4 parliament approved by both chambers, Putin also signed it. Fake about the armed forces information The article prohibits the distribution of imprisonment for 3 to 15 years.

The Agora human rights group says 32 cases were opened under the article in April. The head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin, spoke on May 3 about 35 cases. OVD-Info, which monitors repression in Russia, has at least 44 cases reporttook him.

Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code, the Kremlin to Ukraine snowto war protest is a serious new stage in the campaign to suppress those who do.

Human rights lawyer from St. Petersburg Stanislav Seleznyov He told RFE / RL that, prosecutors to the accused snowArticle 207.3, paragraph 2, is more frequently put forward. In paragraph 2, the state “political Stronger penalties are provided for cases that he considers “motivated”.

Mandatory confessions

“Investigators are old enough to show any criticism of the government,” he said social ‘prove’ with media posts. They want prosecutors to impose a measure of restraint on the accused. Investigators say that, “Everyone has been ordered to remain in prison” from above “ – Seleznyov speaks.

In addition, the suspects are interrogated without a lawyer and are pressured to sign confessions. The court later charged the defendants with these statements snowuses shi.

Lawyer Anastasia Pilipenko he says that, Victoria Petrova social Although active in the media, he is not socially active. But in February and He protested against the war in March and was detained twice.

The post where he was located on March 23 attracted attention, and the post was later deleted. His lawyer believes he was removed at the request of investigators. Investigators showed screenshots of the post to a lawyer. War in the post and Putin is criticized. Ukraine Presidents Volodimir Zelenski and his assistant Alexey Arestovichvideos have been added to the post.

Posts about the war, stickers

Olga Smirnova is a member of the Peaceful Resistance Movement. On May 5, the homes of five members of the movement were raided. All five were detained and interrogated, and all but Smirnova were later released. Smirnova “political enmity and hate motives ”.

In the troubled group of the Peaceful Resistance Movement on the social media site VK in Russia political situation, Ukraine There are many posts about the war. The group is currently blocked.

Alexandra Skochilenko, known as “Sasha”, was the first to come up with a new substancejudgeis one of them. He was detained on April 11 after reading a social media post about a search of his friend’s home while trying to help him. The post was written by members of the Investigative Committee to deceive Skochilenko.

Instead of the price of products in the store, he put up stickers condemning the war in Ukraine yaplit. according to 10 can be sentenced to up to a year in prison. He does not deny that he changed the stickers, but says that the information he posted was not fake.

Ukraine according to crying journalist

Journalist from Barnaul Maria Ponomarenko He was detained on April 24 while on an extended business trip to St. Petersburg. According to the media in Barnaul according toThe Altai Investigative Committee sent a whole team to arrest Ponomarenko.

The journalist wrote on social media about Russia’s bombing of a theater in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol. Ukraine About 300 people were reported killed in the incident.


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