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Zakir Garalov’s companies have large tax debts


State-owned Akkord Hydrotechnical Construction Company LLC, part of the Akkord group of companies snowin large quantities tax It turned out that he had a debt.

According to information obtained by Qafqazinfo according toThe company is currently registered at 59 Teymur Aliyev Street, Narimanov District, Baku (now Mammad Araz). tax The debt is 2,122,041.59 manat.

Water is the main activity of the company and construction of sewer systems, drinking and sewage treatment plants, office buildings, reservoirs and construction of ancillary buildings.

Company 2010Water supply in a number of districts since and Carries out construction and installation works within the project of reconstruction of sewerage systems.

At the same time, Akkord Tekstil LLC, which is included in the group of companies, received AZN 103,400.06, and Korpu-Tunel Tikinti LLC received AZN 269,274.31. tax debt is available.

In addition, Akkord Industrial Construction Investment Corporation was sued. So. that, The body is charged in the Narimanov District Court under Article 430.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.

According to the article, an advance way in case of non-import of relevant goods and non-performance of works within the established terms in exchange for foreign currency funds paid in and or non-return of foreign currency paid in the absence of services according to Officials shall be fined in the amount of ten to twenty percent of the amount of foreign currency that was the direct object of the administrative offense, and legal entities shall be fined in the amount of twenty to thirty percent of the amount of foreign currency that was the object of the administrative offense. Porcelain judge Vusal Gurbanov will preside.

The company has already clarified some points related to the debt. The statement said that, names are mentioned in the article and The obligations of the legal entities included in the Akkord Corporation to the state budget arose from the difficulties caused by the pandemic: and certain agreement has been reached.

As for the case of administrative violations in the Narimanov District Court, we note that, Central Bank The Corporation will submit to the court the necessary evidence regarding the protocol drawn up by We believe that, objective, lawful by the court and a fair decision will be made. “

Let `s note that, Akkord Group of Companies is owned by former Prosecutor General Zakir Garalov.

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