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A possible source of a mysterious radio signal from space was identified 45 years ago

Since the 1960s, astronomers have been trying to receive signals from potential alien civilizations. However, there is still no conclusive evidence for the existence of such civilizations. The most popular signal received on this subject is the 72-second radio signal that came from space in 1977 and was received by a terrestrial radio telescope. “WowThe signal, which was named “Astronauts”, eventually disappointed astronomers. So, that signal was not repeated. However The Habitable Exoplanet Hunting Project of the project (is engaged in the search for exoplanets where life will be possible) alimi Alberto CaballeroIn a study presented by, he noted a possible source of this popular and at the same time secret signal. Talk to us To the sun goes from a similar star. Jerry Ehman This famous radio signal from space was discovered on August 15, 1977 by an astronomer named This is in Ohio Ohio State University Big Ear”Radio telescope, space Sagittarius occurred when scanning the part located. This is a signal from cosmic microwave background radiation 20 times were strong. All the features of the signal indicated a signal that could come from a potential alien civilization.

That’s why the astronomer wrote the word “Wow” on the printed paper, and since then this famous radio signal has been called just that. If we are talking about an alien life, the Wow signal is still the best candidate among the signals that can be sent by an alien civilization. But for 45 years, astronomers have repeatedly failed to detect such signals, “said Alberto Caballero. So far, scientists have simply searched for similar signals in the same part of space. However, Caballero focused his search on the stars orbiting the planets, which could have fertile living conditions around them. Conversation, To the earth goes from similar planets. Among thousands of stars, the astronomer turned his attention G and K allocated to the stars included in the class. Class G stars are like our Sun. yellow dwarf stars. K-class stars are similar to the Sun. are orange dwarf stars. Class K stars may have planets around them that have evolved under conditions that are better than Earth’s.

This star is as similar to the Sun in terms of size, temperature and brightness. This star is approximately from Earth 1800 light years located at a distance. In addition, the astronomer noted two other stars that could have the same brightness and temperature as our Sun. According to Caballero, another 14 stars could have the same temperature as our Sun. However, there is no information about their brightness yet. “I think that any of these 66 stars could be the subject of detailed research. However, 2MASS 19281982-2640123 and several stars have all the chances to revolve around planets with potential life types. “The Wow signal may have come from this part of space,” Caballero said. According to the astronomer, if the signal came from a planet near the star 2MASS 19281982-2640123, it would take hundreds of years for the response signal from Earth to reach there. “I propose to look for technological traces in this star system that would indicate the existence of exoplanets and potential alien civilizations that may be on those exoplanets. However, you can also search other star systems that I suggest, ”Caballero said.

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