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People living in emergency buildings in Baku in fear…

A part of the building located at Araz Novruzov-34, Khatai district of Baku has recently collapsed. The building, built in 1933 and still inhabited, is said to have fallen into disrepair.

It is noted that the building located at Mirali Gashgay-72 in Nasimi district was also damaged, and life continues there. Residents of the building say that the 120-year-old building is also on the verge of collapse.

Some experts claim that such dilapidated buildings exist in every district of Baku.

April A commission has been set up in Baku to take inventory of apartment buildings in an emergency situation and take necessary measures to ensure the safety of residents.

If a commission has been set up, why did the situation come to this place? In general, how many emergency buildings are currently inhabited in Baku?

Residents of Araz Novruzov-34 said that it is impossible to live in such conditions: “Water is pouring on our heads, the floor is completely rotten, and it is impossible to put anything heavy on the ground. Electric wires often ignite on their own. ”

Some residents say that due to these unfavorable conditions, they leave their homes and stay for rent.

On the issue of Khatai District Executive Power “TuranAn inventory of damaged buildings, including that address, has been conducted and a decision will be made in the near future on the damaged and severely damaged buildings: “Buildings in an emergency situation are under our control.”

The Baku City Executive Power (BCEP) also told the agency that the commission established by the order of the head includes the city and capital districts. execution responsible government officials include: “For the safety of residents living in damaged buildings execution The heads of government are personally responsible. “

According to the BDI, the number of buildings in an emergency situation is approaching a thousand: “First of all, these are buildings left over from the Soviet era. But over the past four years, as a result of Mr. President’s policy, the number of such buildings has decreased by 30 percent.

Property expert Ramil Ottoman He told RFE / RL that the process had actually begun long ago. “Three years ago, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to demolish more than 1,500 buildings in 12 districts of Baku. This included mostly dilapidated, old apartment buildings. ”

The expert believes that now half of the old housing stock in the capital is not damaged, but consists of expired buildings.

According to him, the relevant authorities have not yet monitored the issue and revealed concrete results.


Azerbaijan news

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