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Serebrennikov condemns the war

Tier Fremo, artistic director of Cannes, said that Tchaikovsky’s wife was considered at the festival.

Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov condemned the war in Ukraine at the Cannes Film Festival on May 18. She performed at the festival after the premiere of Tchaikovsky’s Wife.

“I say no to war” – Serebrennikov said in Russian. “Tchaikovsky’s Wife” is the only film made by a Russian director among the 21 nominees for the Golden Palm Award of the festival.

“It is a tragedy for both sides”

Serebrennikov joined FaceTime at a press conference in Cannes, Russia to Ukraine snowdiscussed the war. He later told the AP that the production of films and plays “went to war.” snowIt’s a big, huge statement. “

Serebrennikov, who fled Russia in March, even said on February 23, the day before the occupation, that he did not believe there would be a war in Ukraine. But it happened.

“My homeland has destroyed another country. It is very painful, very sad. All people, Europe“It’s a tragedy for both sides.” He said.

According to him, many people “can not say anything, and sometimes weakness, inability to speak is more painful.”

The film did not go to the festival easily

Art Director in Cannes Tier Fremo He said that they were considering whether to include “Tchaikovsky’s wife” in the festival. The film was funded in part by Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, who is under sanctions.

The organizers of the film Russia He admitted her to the contest, taking into account the fact that she had contradicted the state, and that she had withdrawn before the war and sanctions.

Russian composer in the film Pyotr Tchaikovskyis talking about the destruction of his marriage to a young woman.

Tchaikovsky, who lived in the 19th century, was a restless, charismatic genius who preferred men’s campaigns. This is trying to hide the homosexuality of the famous composer Russia contradicts propaganda.

He left the country after a court overturned Serebrennikov’s three-year suspended sentence. Film director political was found guilty of embezzlement charges that were considered motivated.

This work has attracted international attention, Russia power President Vladimir Putin and has been accused of targeting artists who think differently from their government.

Serebrennikov to the Russian government snowHe protested against the growing authority of the Orthodox Church.

The subject of war

War is the main theme of the festival. Ukraine Presidents Volodimir Zelenski He attended the opening ceremony on May 17 with a video link from Kiev.

A Lithuanian filmmaker killed in Ukraine last month over the conflict Mantas KvedaraviciusA special screening of the documentary “Mariupolis 2” was held.


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