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Apple plans to abandon the physical buttons on their devices

Apparently, Apple The company plans to abandon the physical buttons on their devices. The company’s new patent points to this. According to the company’s new patent, touch buttons will be implemented on the devices, and these buttons will appear on the bodies of the devices when needed. According to the description in the patent, the device has a light transmittance where the touch buttons are located on the body microperforations will be. They will illuminate when needed and thus help the user understand where to place their finger. Such touch buttons will be able to respond to touches and clicks without lagging behind physical analogues.

If they are not needed, these buttons will be deactivated and will not be visible. Apple According to the company, the possibilities of using such technology are very wide. For example, such touch buttons can display various notifications. In addition, they may change their indicators in different scenarios for using the device. Most likely, this technology Apple devices will not be implemented in the near future. However, it is very likely to be realized in the future. It should be noted that some time ago, Apple had a plan to abandon charging on their devices.

Azerbaijan news

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