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Scientists have clarified the possible cause of the formation of water on the moon

University of Colorado Belroud According to scientists, billions of years ago Of the Earth which is a satellite Ayda has been volcanic eruptions After them, they created glaciers at the poles of the moon. According to various estimates, the thickness of these glaciers is tens of meters, and in the future astronauts will be able to get water from these glaciers. “The computer modeling we created showed that billions of years ago, large volumes of water vapor were released during volcanic eruptions on the Moon. Then that steam collapsed on the surface of the Moon in the form of ice. But at the moment those calves are most likely on the lunar surface 5-10 meters located at depth. In the future, astronauts will be able to get drinking water from this ice and also use it to produce rocket fuel, ”said a University of Colorado Boulder expert. Andrew Wilcoski noted.

This new study is further evidence that the Moon has more water than previously thought. However, scientists are still talking about how water formed on the moon unit do not have an opinion. There are many theories on this issue. However, a new study suggests that volcanic eruptions caused the formation of water on the Moon. According to scientists, as a result of these volcanic eruptions in large quantities brew gası and water vapor was secreted. This gas The clouds created a very short-lived atmosphere on the moon.

“We think that atmosphere is approximate,” he said 1000 il During this time, water vapor turned to ice on the surface of the Moon. There some quadrillion kg It could be ice, ”said Paul Hayne, a specialist at the University of Colorado Boulder. For billions of years, this ice reserve has been covered by a thick layer of lunar soil. However, according to scientists, the ice reserves are almost the surface of the Moon 10.000 square km can cover the area. “We are talking about the eruption of several 10,000 volcanoes. We believe that half of the water in the vapor has turned to ice and simply needs to be removed from the bottom of the Moon’s surface, ”said Paul Hayne. According to scientists, future astronauts and their robots will have to work hard to remove the glaciers and get water from them. However, these efforts will bear fruit.

Azerbaijan news

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