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XDMX operative says he was blackmailed for $ 12 million on behalf of Lotu Gul

Employee of the Special State Protection Service Emin Akhundov claims that he was blackmailed on behalf of the late Nadir Salifov, known in the criminal world as “Lotu Guli”. According to Akhundov, as a result of this blackmail, 12 million manat of money and property were confiscated.

Based on his complaint, his cousin Vusal Akhundov was prosecuted. The Baku Court of Grave Crimes has been investigating this issue for months. Akhundov was sentenced on May 23 and sentenced to 14 years in prison under Article 182.4 of the Criminal Code (especially extortion for large amounts of property).

Vusal Akhundov, who worked in the justice system before his arrest, pleaded not guilty and denied the charges. In his last words before the verdict, he said that it did not matter to him that his cousin gave his money and property at the request of Lotu Gul. He apologized to the court.

Emin Akhundov, who was identified as a victim, did not appear in court, but was represented by a lawyer. He said in his testimony to the investigation that his cousin knew his earnings, money and property. Therefore, on behalf of Lotu Gul, he threatened and seized his money and property. However, he did not say why he was blackmailed and why money was demanded from him.

Akhundov He said that his cousin Vusal pretended to mediate between him and Lotu Guli. The victim claims that first 700 thousand dollars gave money. Then his villa, built on 12 acres of land, property in the Czech Republic (Karlovy Vary) and other property were confiscated: “I gave the money to Vusal, he said I delivered it.”

According to the victim, he saw that he could not fulfill his demands and asked a friend for help. He contacted Salifov through a friend named Shikar: “He said he didn’t want anything from anyone, they use his name.”

The accused Vusal Akhundov but his cousin says that his son called him: “Why didn’t Guli complain anywhere until he died, he complained immediately after his death?” If it were true, he would have complained in his lifetime. He was also an operative and would not blindly give money to anyone.

Nadir Salifov’s 2020He was reportedly killed in August in the Turkish city of Antalya. He is charged with murder, extortion and other charges 20He was arrested in Azerbaijan in 05-2017. From arrest free went to Turkey after


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