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Author: Shahin Jafarli

Formerly in Moldova presidentFormer leader of the Socialist Party and current honorary chairman Igor Dodona snowcriminal proceedings have been instituted. This morning the Moldovan Intelligence and Security Service and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Officeflour in the apartments and rest camp belonging to Dodon, in the house where his parents live and in the MoldovanRussia A search was conducted in the office of the Business Union. (Dodon is the leader of the union, along with Igor Chaika, the son of former Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.) Former accused of high treason and corruption president He has been detained for 72 hours as part of the criminal case.

2016-2020Moldovan President Igor Dodon is a Russian man. During his time, the country had a two-headed configuration of governance: on the one hand, pro-Western parliament and the government, on the other hand, is pro-Russian president. In fact, Moldova parliament is a governed country, and a limited president does not participate in decision-making. Nevertheless, after taking office, Dodon behaved as the head of the presidential republic and addressed issues outside his jurisdiction. snowsat down and made decisions. One of such decisions 2018Moldova was admitted to the Eurasian Economic Union as an observer at Dodo’s request in May. The Moldovan government and parliament did not recognize the decision at the time. At that time, a comic practice was practiced in the country: Dodon parliament The President of the Constitutional Court was temporarily removed from office at the request of the legislature if he did not sign the laws he had adopted. parliament chairman of the presidential powers executionAfter signing the laws as a member of the KM, DM returned Dodo to office again…

Igor Dodon turned Russia into a waterway, as they say, and often met and consulted with Putin. In 2017 Moscow The only foreign head of state to take part in the May 9 parade was Dodon, who wore a Georgian ribbon around his neck.

The persecution and arrest of such a man is a bold step for the government of the weakest and poorest country in Europe, such as Moldova – especially Putin’s visit to Ukraine. snowat a time when he was waging a ruthless war. 2020The pro-Western head of state, who won a resounding victory over Dodon with around 58% of the vote in the second round of the presidential election in Maya Sandu In the first two months of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, he was cautious. (As the president’s party has a majority in parliament, the country is ruled by Sandu.) However, in recent weeks, especially after his visit to Europe, his position has changed. Mrs. Sandu a few days ago Europe In his speech to parliament, he openly supported Ukraine, emphasizing that Ukrainians were fighting for the freedom of both Moldova and the whole of Europe, and called on Russia to withdraw its troops from the Transnistrian region. Russia currently has two military contingents in Moldova: Russia Troops Task Force (former 14th Army) and peacekeepers. In 1999, at the OSCE Istanbul Summit Russia 20Although it has pledged to withdraw its army (operational group) and thousands of tons of weapons from Moldova by the end of 02, it has not yet done so.

Ukraine war as a whole Europe It has stimulated tectonic changes in geopolitics and is expected to accelerate the process. The West’s interest in Moldova has also increased Ukraine Along with this, the armament of this country is also on the agenda. Britain The initiative put forward by the government was also supported by a delegation of the US Congress, which recently visited Moldova. Undoubtedly, all these developments have encouraged the Sandu government.

Neighboring Romania is one of the countries closely following the events in Moldova. The Romanian-Moldovan union (unification) has been on the agenda from time to time since Moldova gained independence. Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has strengthened the arguments of pro-union activists. However, the fact that supporters of the idea are still in the minority is the biggest obstacle to unification, and urges the Sandu government to take a cautious stance on the issue. Nevertheless, relations with Romania are deepening and it is possible to say that the ground is being gradually laid for integration. A joint meeting of the Foreign Policy and Legal Committees of the Moldovan and Romanian parliaments was held on May 20. Preparations are underway to convene a general meeting of the parliaments of the two countries. It will not be a surprise that in the near future the number of supporters of the union in Moldova will exceed 50%. Currently, at least 40% of the Moldovan population has a Romanian passport, which is an important detail in this regard. Hundreds of thousands of Moldovans work in Europe and go to Moldovan embassies and consulates to vote during elections in the country. The Moldovan community in Europe is pro-Western political core of forces social and their vote has a decisive influence on the results of the elections in the country.

In addition to Transnistria, Moldova also has a problem with Gagauzia. Orthodox Gagauz are mostly pro-Russian, and local leaders are threatening to secede from Moldova if reunification with Romania is on the agenda. But unlike Ukraine, The most important geostrategic advantage for Moldova is that it does not share a border with aggressive Russia. The Russian military group of about 1,500 in Transnistria is not enough to carry out serious military tasks. For this reason, one of Russia’s strategic tasks in the war of aggression against Ukraine is to occupy the Odessa region and land in the Dniester. way is to open.

In the first weeks of the war, this threat seemed real. The Russian army, which entered from Crimea, did not face any serious resistance in Kherson (By the way, Ukrainians say there was a big betrayal in Kherson) Nikolayev advanced, but quickly recovered from the shock Ukraine The leadership has a great reputation among the population and the military general Dmitry Marchenko was urgently sent to Nikolayev and under his command was able to build a defensive wall, as a result of which the occupation of the region and the access of Russian troops to Odessa were prevented. Apparently, this is why the Russian command has abandoned a risky operation, such as landing in Odessa. The results of the three months of the war show that the occupation of Odessa is a very difficult task, and it is doubtful that Russia has sufficient military potential for this.

Moldova’s European integration is an inevitable prospect and a matter of time – either independently or as part of Romania.

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