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“They are the people who set foot on the back of my one-and-a-half-year-old son”

Parents Attorney General’s Office snowon the roof protest have done

Parents and relatives of servicemen arrested in the “Tartar case” Prosecutor General’s Office snowon the roof protest is.

They demand a fair investigation into the case.

20 Alibey Ahmadov, the father of Faig Ahmadov, who was sentenced to one year in prison and accused of treason, says he came here to demand payment.

According to him, his son was beaten and arrested. The reason is that in 2016 “April “Not only my son, but also other active participants were beaten and arrested,” he said. All children are on the list. “

He added that his son arrested Armenian spy Arsen Baghdasyan in 2014. But to Arsen 15 and his son 20 sentenced to one year in prison:

“My son protected the land, the homeland. Arsen came to reconnaissance. They show my son’s initial statement as the main one. However, I know that those explanations were obtained from the detainees under threat and torture. His family, fiancé, mother and sister were threatened and beaten. An explanation given under torture must be invalid if it is not admitted in public. But our people made those initial explanations a flag in their hands. “

The parent said that the investigation was not based on the law or the constitution.

Sevinj Isgandarov, a reservist who was a victim in the Tartar case, says she has been silent for a long time about what happened. The reason was the threat to his family and children:

“It’s time to talk about it. For 5 days I was tortured in a dark room with my hands tied. My husband Tabriz Babazadeh was tortured more than me, he is still in hospital and his condition is very serious. “

He says that after the torture, his wife Tabriz Babazadeh remained in a coma for 2 months:

“His condition is still serious and he does not know his family members. The affected parts of his body are bruised and full of wounds. In short, the situation is dire. The Tartar case is a massacre that we have been hiding from our families for years. Innocent people were persecuted, and they were called “traitors.” We were all awarded medals and letters of appreciation on time. What is our sin, to love the country? We have those who worship Armenians in our heads and in the military. “

Sevinj Isgandarov also spoke about the torture she experienced. According to him, 5 colonels repeatedly raised him with their hands tied, knocked him to the ground and kicked him:

“People put my one-and-a-half-year-old son on his knees and put his feet on his back. What did that child think that he had suffered these traumas? When we left, they threatened us that if you told us what happened here, we would play a game on you. That’s why all Susan servicemen are silent – because of their children and families. “

According to the serviceman, there were not so many gaps on the borders of Azerbaijan that some servicemen could easily snowpassed to them information to pass and go to other deals:

“Our transitions were so easy that those soldiers passed through them so easily,” he said. How were they accused of working for Armenia? Azerbaijan has the military been so homeless? How come no one saw it? Where did the corps commander look? If he could not see things of this size, then why was he not judged? Why aren’t the perpetrators arrested today? Innocent people are in prison. “

Isgandarov says his wife, Tabriz Babazade, is still in hospital. His mood is not normal because he was not named a “traitor” and he tried to commit suicide twice:

Again, they do not take the name “traitor”. It’s been artificial for 5 years food with, lives in the hospital in a dilapidated condition. His mental state is bad, his physical condition is serious, he is in a very bad condition. We are dissatisfied with the investigation. The dead should be called martyrs, the prisoners should be released, and innocent people should be called “traitors.”

Ofelya Gasimova, the mother of Elshan Gasimov, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, is also dissatisfied with the investigation. According to him, his son was severely punished and tortured:

Ofelya Gasimova, the mother of Elshan Gasimov, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, is also dissatisfied with the investigation. According to him, his son was severely punished and tortured:

“Currently, his legs are not working, his liver and kidneys are collapsing and he is bleeding. Is there so much injustice? Those who beat him were not arrested today. Children die for the motherland victim but they are still rotting in prison. I want those who tortured my son and others to be arrested. My son April died in battle. This is their gratitude – they called him a “traitor”. Why was my son sentenced to life imprisonment? On what basis? ”

The mother added that a fair investigation should be conducted:

“If my son is guilty, I agree to rot in prison. No, if he is not guilty, then free should be done. I demand that the investigation be conducted fairly. I haven’t knocked on a door for 5 years, I’m very tired. “

The mother of the detained serviceman, Elchin Guliyev, Valida Mahmudova, said that her son was also tortured, and in this case, an explanation was obtained from him and he was arrested.

“They beat him and tortured him. They tortured and killed 14 people. We know that there are more deaths. So far, so good.

He says he is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation and does not expect any justice:

“We are not satisfied with the investigation, our rights are not restored. People who dedicated 12-17 years of their lives to the military were tortured and arrested. The investigation is not fair. We have been dragging for 5 years, there are no results. Procrastination continues, we are still deceived. “

Relatives of the detainees are dissatisfied with the investigation.

They complain that they have not been able to obtain information about the investigation process.

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