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‘I saw torture, water collects in my feet’

Today, May 25 Azerbaijan Popular Front Party (AXCP) Member of the Presidium Aqil Maharramov was released from prison. Maharramov, who was sentenced to 4 years in prison by the Baku Court of Grave Crimes until the last day, told RFE / RL that the case was fabricated: “This was proved in court. However, I was imprisoned for 4 years. “
According to him, he had health problems during his detention: “After my detention, I was tortured at the Main Department for Combating Organized Crime. As a result, water accumulates in my feet. “
He stressed that after a short rehabilitation period AXCPin political will continue its activities.
The Interior Ministry has not yet commented on Maharramov’s statement. But the Interior Ministry so far political He denied allegations of torture by activists.
A. Maharramov AXCPHe was arrested four years ago along with two other officials (Babek Hasanov and Ruslan Nasirov). Two weeks before that, on May 8, the former head of the Gadabay District Executive Power Saleh Rustamov was detained on drug charges. Two days later, his nephew Vidadi Rustamli was arrested on the same charges. After the arrest of three APFP functionaries, the charges against them changed. According to an official statement, APFP functionaries and Rustamov were accused of money laundering. The PFPA denied the accusation.
The Baku Court of Grave Crimes sentenced S. Rustamov to 7 years and 3 months, A. Maharramov to 4 years and B. Hasanov to 3 years in prison. V.Rustamli and R.Nasirova were given suspended sentences. Not all of them pleaded guilty in court. Hasanov was pardoned on March 18 last year.


Azerbaijan news

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