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Is it possible to move faster than the speed of light in the universe?

To the laws of physics basically nothing in the universe can move faster than the speed of light. But as always, there are exceptions. According to the laws of modern physics, neither man nor any other object with mass can move faster than the speed of light in space. However, it is believed that hypothetical particles can do this and even travel through time. Information about which particles the conversation is about and how they move faster in space than the speed of light Australian Catholic University specialist Sam Baron gave. Albert Einstein’s relativity to theory Basically, the speed of light is a universal limit for all objects with mass in the universe. This theory shows that such objects cannot travel faster than the speed of light. “In order to accelerate this or that object with mass, it is necessary to add energy to it. If we want to achieve higher speeds, we need to expend more energy. However, it is known that an infinite amount of energy is required for objects to achieve the speed of light, regardless of their mass. All known energy sources have their limits, ”said Sam Baron.

The current speed limit for spatial movement covers objects of ordinary mass. However, according to scientists to an imaginary crowd possess hypothetical particles are present. Conversation, taxion goes from particles called. “Scientists still do not have conclusive evidence for the existence of taxis. However, if they really exist, then they must constantly move through space at speeds higher than the speed of light. According to the theory, these particles cannot move below the speed of light, “said Sam Baron. According to some physicists, if these hypothetical particles exist, they are constantly traveling back in time. Therefore, these particles are used by science fiction writers in books on time travel. “According to some scientists, if we ever discover taxis, human civilization could use those particles to invent the time machine. But that’s just speculation, “said Sam Baron.

“If we talk about the theoretical travels of humans to other stars at the speed of light in space, it should be noted that the star closest to us 4.35 light years located at a distance. The farthest from known galaxies 28 billion light year is at a distance of. This means that Alpha Centaur To reach the star system, a person must spend 4 years of his life in one direction only. In this case, it is pointless to talk about traveling to the farthest star. In any case, it is impossible to reach such a star at the speed of light, even in the life of a human being, “said Sam Baron. According to the scientist, in covering such long distances mole nests can help. Einstein’s theory of relativity points to the existence of mole nests. According to the theory of relativity, it is possible to cover very long distances in a very short time by means of nesting boxes. Such objects in space can connect two points in space in such a way that the speed of light can cover the distance of 4 years to travel in a few hours. “If mole nests really do exist, humans can reach the farthest corners of the universe in the course of a single human life. But mole nests are as hypothetical as taxis, ”said Sam Baron. It should be noted that the speed of light in a vacuum 1,079,252,848.8 km per houris equal to.

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