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It is planned to keep a single backup copy of important data covering the Earth on the Moon

Of the United States Lonestar Data Holdings The cloud provider company called is a cosmic scale of valuable knowledge and data covering human civilization unit plans to create a backup copy and preserve it for future generations in the event of a global disaster. However, the main point of this plan is that the backup copy will be kept away from the Earth. Talk about being a satellite of the Earth From the moon goes. According to the report, important information that will cover the Earth will be stored on servers on the Moon. “It is inconceivable that our most valuable assets, our knowledge, should be stored on Earth, where bombs explode and things are burned,” he said. We need to keep our assets in a completely safe place off the planet, ”said the head of Lonestar Data Holdings. Christopher Stott noted. Indeed, in the event of a global catastrophe on Earth, the Moon is the most optimal option for storing data.

From Earth 384,400 km The Moon is very close to the realization of a special mission for the preservation of civilization, and very far to protect information from possible disasters. In addition, various countries have already begun work on the implementation of permanent housing on the moon. One of the main problems facing this project of Lonestar Data Holdings is the sudden change in temperature, space and Solar radiation is to create equipment that can withstand. According to Christopher Stott, the solution to this problem way var. Thus, the robots will have to place servers for data storage in ancient lava pipes at the bottom of the lunar surface. According to the information, the company will carry out the first software tests on this project by the end of this year. The first supplies are expected to be sent to the moon in 2024.

Azerbaijan news

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