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Scientists have studied which planets to look for alien life

From the University of Copenhagen Scientists have come to the conclusion that of an alien species The main focus during the search To the sun consisting of similar stars double star systems need to separate. Thus, the planets orbiting such stars have a higher chance of creating an alien species. Danish scientists think that if we want to find an alien species, then we need to find Sun-like stars surrounded by planets where this type of life can form. However, new research has shown that planets surrounded by solar-like binary star systems are a better option for searching for alien life. According to scientists, half of the stars the size of the Sun exist in binary star systems. In such systems, two stars revolve around each other and have a gravitational relationship. In such stellar systems living area (a zone that allows water to exist in liquid form on the planet’s surface) can be broader.

As part of the study, scientists focused their attention on 2 stars NGC 1333-IRAS2A directed to a system called. The system in question is approximately from Earth 1000 light years located at a distance. The star system in question is still gas and a dust disk and the planets within it have not yet formed. “We are made up of radio telescopes ALMA Using the data obtained by the complex named, we observed the star system in question. As a result, we can observe the early stages of the formation of planets in that star system, and we think that in such systems, a type of life can emerge, “said a scientist from the University of Copenhagen. Christian Jorgensen noted. As part of their research, scientists have developed computer modeling, which uses dust and orbits around stars. gas exhibited the evolution of the disk. In the future, planets will be formed from this disk.

Scientists believe that comets with ice and organic molecules will play a key role in the formation of life in these future planets. “When comets collide, they will bring organic molecules to the surfaces of these planets. The energy from the stars will cause the ice and other elements to evaporate. This, in turn, can change the chemical composition of these planets, “added Christian Jorgensen. According to scientists, such planets through ALMA radio telescopes carbon possessing complex organic molecules can be detected. Such molecules can act as building blocks for the formation of more complex molecules. As a result, life forms from more complex molecules. The ALMA complex of radio telescopes is located in Chile and includes 66 telescopes. In this way, scientists can obtain more accurate information. At the same time they are James Webb They also have high hopes for the space telescope. Thus, it will observe exoplanets in distant parts of space, and it is possible that evidence of the existence of life on one of these exoplanets.

Azerbaijan news

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