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Will Russia even make up for the loss of manpower?

Russia On May 25, the State Duma passed a law abolishing the upper age limit for military service in three readings at the same time.
Moreover, the same the law on the same day Russia Adopted by the upper house of parliament – the Federation Council.
New the law For the able-bodied population of Russia (Russia for men, this age limit is 65).
The law also allows foreigners to perform contract military service in Russia on these terms.
According to the previous rule, a Russian citizen could sign his first military contract before the age of 40, and a foreign citizen under the age of 30.
Project authors – judge Vahid Andrei Kartapolov, chairman and former deputy defense minister of the Russian party’s defense committee, and Andrei Krasov, his first deputy chairman of the committee.
This deputies Deputies believe that the law It will allow the army to attract new specialists, mainly doctors and engineers.
An explanation attached to the bill states that the modern army “needs highly qualified personnel to use and maintain accurate weapons.”
According to the authors of the bill, such qualified experts are formed at the age of 40-45.

Although the Kremlin does not admit it
Experts point out that the project was proposed at a time when the Russian army is suffering heavy losses in Ukraine.
In early May Britain and U.S. media and intelligence president They said that Vladimir Putin could announce a general mobilization in connection with these losses.
The Kremlin called such reports “lies” and “nonsense.”
Now, after the adoption of the bill, it will be possible to involve the elderly in the war.
Experts say that despite the fact that no general mobilization has been announced in Russia, such attempts have been made.
Some reports from Russia suggest that the men are being summoned to military commissariats in the name of checking “military registration information.”

“Secret mobilization”
CurrentTime reports that such calls to military commissariats have been reported, for example, in Nizhny Novgorod.


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