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It is strictly forbidden to bring food from abroad ?!

The announcement, which was reportedly placed in the courtyard of Khazar University, caused controversy.

Education expert Kamran Asadov shared this.

The announcement addressed the students, saying that it is strictly forbidden to bring food from abroad, otherwise they will be reprimanded.

“What is a rebuke? To expel a student for violating the rules of internal discipline, of the university it is necessary to sue and receive compensation for damage to business activities. That is why we bring specialists from foreign countries and admit children to foreign universities in order to avoid this anomaly as much as possible. Azerbaijan of universities Azerbaijan What is its role in science, industry, economy and health? ” – The expert commented on the issue.

Recall that ali The rector of the school is Irada Khalilova.

Speaking to, Alovsat Amirbeyli, spokesman for Khazar University, provided details of the issue:

“This morning, those ads were taken from the university, they were torn off. These articles are illegal, no ali does not comply with the law of the educational institution. This was done by the canteen manager himself so that no one who came in would bring food from home. However, no such official decision has been made by the university. Measures are being taken in connection with the incident. The head of the canteen entered the rector’s office and was severely warned.


Azerbaijan news

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