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Voyager spacecraft can ‘immortalize’ human civilization

Right now Voyager-1 and Voyager-2 spacecraft Place from the globe are artificially created objects located at the farthest distance. Scientists estimate that they are about the size of Earth 24 billion km in the distance in interstellar space move. Each of these devices contains a part of human civilization. We are talking about gold plates that combine some information about the Earth and people. Florida International Of the University alimi James Edward Huchingson In his new article, he spoke about how these devices can “immortalize” our civilization. “He became the President of the United States in 1977 when he sent basic information about people, sounds, images, music, and spacecraft into space on gold plates placed on Voyager spacecraft that continue to travel in interstellar space. Jimmy Carter“Hello to potential alien civilizations,” said Edward Huchingson.

“The incredible longevity of Voyager devices is a unique opportunity to explore the idea of ​​immortality. For some people, immortality means that the soul exists forever after death. It also preserves memories of man and what he left behind. Every Voyager apparatus, which contains a small part of human civilization, can be considered as a technical method designed to preserve memories of our civilization. However, if these devices are detected by any alien civilization, “said Edward Huchingson. According to many religions, a person’s soul becomes immortal after death. However, according to the scientist, immortality is not limited to the individual. It can also be a collective. In other words, immortality can permeate human civilization in general. On the other hand, the idea of ​​an immortal soul is not suitable for those who are far from religion.

“People want their memories to be remembered by others, whether they believe in God or not. That is, memories of them are also a kind of immortality. Given that Voyager spacecraft will travel for a trillion years, they are also considered immortal in a sense, ”added Edward Huchingson. According to scientists, the Sun is about 5 billion will go out after a year. In other words, if there were any biological life on Earth at that time, it would be destroyed. However, even after this happens, two spacecraft created by human civilization in distant parts of space will continue their journey in the hope of meeting an alien civilization. If Voyager’s encounters with alien civilization do not happen sooner, the gold plates they contain will remain the only memories of the Earth and people. In a sense, this will immortalize our civilization.

Azerbaijan news

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