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19.2 million subsidies to ADA and 1.7 million to BSU

Azerbaijan Chairman of the Democracy and Welfare Party, Professor of the London School of Economics Gubad Ibadoglu from the state budget in 2021 ali looked at the distribution of subsidies to schools.

He writes that in 2021, Azerbaijan ali 41.4 million manat subsidy allocated to schools: “1.7 million manat of funds Baku State University0.8 million manat Azerbaijan Medicine Universityreached The remaining funds rectors judge who are representatives of the family ali schools. Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA) University19.2 million manat, the Baku branch of the Moscow State University received 12.4 million manat, the Baku branch of the First Moscow State Medical University received 7.3 million manat.

ADA University is the most expensive university in Azerbaijan in terms of tuition fees, and all its infrastructure was built at the expense of the state budget. In this case, what is the point of allocating so much money from the budget to the ADA?

At the same time, what is the need for the activities of the Baku branches of Moscow State University and the First Moscow State Medical University in Azerbaijan? Why only in Azerbaijan Russia Do branches of universities operate? Even if they do, why are they subsidized from the budget?

By the way, compiled by the British consulting company Quacquarelli Symonds 10Only Baku State University and Azerbaijan are on the list of the best universities Azerbaijan There is the State University of Economics.


Azerbaijan news

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