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“School” magazine M.A. A special number dedicated to Sabira

Great Azerbaijan poet and thinker, national On the eve of the 160th anniversary of the birth of MA Sabir, a selfless preacher of awakening, humanism, positive ideals and democratic values, “Mutarcim” publishing house presented a special issue of “School” magazine dedicated to the powerful master of words. Transliteration of this special issue, consisting of articles and poems dedicated to the 2nd anniversary of the poet’s death in 1913 BSUprepared by Fargana Malikova, a doctoral student, and published a special article about the “School” magazine.

Editor of the issue BDUSamir Khalidoglu is a teacher at the Department of Press History. Doctor of Philology, Professor Gulu Maharramli, who wrote the introductory speech to the special issue, praised this publication as a deep respect for the heritage of our great satirical poet and a valuable gift to the patient.


Azerbaijan news

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