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Ayten Mammadova was again invited to the Baku Main Police Office

“The meeting was also attended by numerous police officers involved in solving the crime against me. The latest developments in the criminal case were reported to the head of the group on the work done so far. At the same time, I was informed about the steps taken in which directions, “the journalist said.

Ayten Mammadova says that in the last two weeks she had no information about the progress of the investigation and was not given any information. According to the journalist, he was informed in the department that the operative-investigative measures were not stopped during this period, work was continued in various directions:

“It was stated that various technical means are being used to find the culprit. Tracking before the incident, transfer of information about me, etc. all possible assumptions regarding the issues are being investigated. The head of the group gave instructions on further directions of research. I was told that all necessary steps will be taken to solve this crime and find and punish the perpetrator. “

Despite the fact that more than a month has passed since the incident, Ayten Mammadova said she has not lost hope that the perpetrator or perpetrators will be found and punished.

On the night of May 8, Ayten Mammadova was attacked by an unknown person. According to the journalist, when he entered the block of flats where he lived, a man came after him and stabbed him in the throat in the elevator: “He told me that you did not understand? He threatened my daughter… “

A criminal case has been launched against the journalist under Article 134 (threat to kill or seriously injure) of the Criminal Code.

Ayten Mammadova’s most publicized case is the abduction of 10-year-old Narmin Guliyeva in the village of Dondar Gushchu, Tovuz region, and the discovery of a burnt body in the village 47 days later.

The journalist shared on social networks that the evidence against Ilkin Suleymanov, accused of committing this crime, was false and that he had been tortured.

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